Detective June Hawkins from Griselda: Where is she now?

In Griselda, Detective June Hawkins shares similar struggles with Griselda as a woman in a police department.

Much like how Griselda faced misogyny and sexism in the drug business, Detective June Hawkins had a similar experience as a female cop.

Much of Hawkins’ story portrayed in the series is true, with a little of it fictionalized. Like in the series, Hawkins did care only about the health benefits that came with the job, as she was a single mother.

Hawkins joined the police department when they needed both women and Spanish speakers.

Hawkins first worked as an Intelligence Analyst who assisted white police officers who couldn’t speak Spanish.

Hawkins was aware of the reputation of the homicide detectives back then and was quite prepared for the hazing she faced.

However, Hawkins was quite a sincere detective working hard to make a living, which saw a shift in the attitude of other cops towards her.

Capturing Griselda

After joining CENTAC, Hawkins did some of the most important work of her career as she prepared a report against Griselda Blanco and other key players in the Miami drug war with limited resources that helped them secure funding for CENTAC.

Though the cops get Griselda for murders by capturing Rivi, who testifies against Griselda, Rivi makes a clever move.

By seducing the DA’s assistant and creating a scandal, he implodes the entire case against Griselda.

Detective June Hawkins from Griselda: Where is she now? 1
Hawkins meets Griselda in prison

In the Netflix show, Hawkins is last seen visiting Griselda near the end of Griselda’s sentence to inform her about the deaths of her sons.

What happened to Hawkins?

Hawkins is now retired and lives in Tenessee. She married Al Singleton, a former homicide detective who also worked on Griselda’s case and appears in the Netflix show too.

Hawkins’ son, Eric, for whom she worked hard, is now a cop too and serves in Boynton Beach, Florida.

What’s striking is that both Hawkins and Griselda came to Miami with similar goals. They both wanted to provide for their children, though they had different paths.

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