Amilcar from Griselda: Is he based on a real-life drug dealer?

In Griselda, Rafo Rodriguez, also known as Amilcar, is an influential drug dealer in Miami.

When Griselda comes to Miami in hopes of building a drug empire of her own, it’s Amilcar she turns to first after seeing the power he holds.

However, convincing him to join hands with her turns out to be far more difficult. Amilcar keeps looking out for ways he can benefit from using Griselda.

Griselda’s desperation eventually leads to her killing for Amilcar to save him from an arrest and convince him to join hands.

Despite Griselda getting her hands dirty, Amilcar is arrested. Amilcar promised her that they would work together behind the scenes; Griselda would be in charge.

With Amilcar out of the picture, Papo takes over Amilcar’s territory and makes a deal with Rafa. 

The real-life figure

Amilcar seems to be based on the real-life Venezuelan terrorist Raphael Leon Rodriguez, who also went by the street name Amilcar.

Much like in the show, Amilcar is the son of a Venezuelan policeman. He crafted his marksmanship and became a highly skilled hitman.

Amilcar from Griselda: Is he based on a real-life drug dealer? 1
Griselda and Amilcar work together

It was said that anybody who is anybody in the drug business knew who Amilcar is. Amilcar was arrested by the cops in 1981 in South Florida after a brief shootout.

At the time of his arrest, Amilcar was a major cocaine smuggler, a multimillionaire, and was connected to possibly 50 drug-related murders.

Amilcar was described as a one-man terror squad. He did hits for recreation and rented posh apartments at prestigious locations.

Even though it has been reported that Amilcar was a hitman, in Griselda, he is more of a drug dealer and has employed Rivi as his hitman.

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