Debbie just figured out Omni-Man’s secret in ‘Invincible’

Invincible’ is Amazon Prime Video’s latest R-rated superhero series, following the footsteps of its smash hit show ‘The Boys’.

*Spoilers Ahead*

It began at a shocking note when Nolan Grayson aka Omni-Man massacred the entire Guardians of the Globe – War Woman, Green Ghost, Martian Man, Red Rush, Darkwing, Aquarius and The Immortal – in the very first episode.

Since then, the series has been teasing viewers with the reasons behind the Earth’s strongest superhero betraying the planet.

So far, Omni-Man had done a pretty good job of erasing his wife Debbie Grayson’s suspicions and countering the demon detective Damien Darkblood, who was eventually sent back to hell.

In episode 6, Debbie finally cracks it. She takes Omni-Man’s super-suit from his brawl against the guardians to the superheroes’ tailor Art Rosenbaum for him to examine.

Debbie just figured out Omni-Man's secret in ‘Invincible' 1
Omni-Man’s super-suit in episode 5 | Image source: Amazon Prime Video

The results expose Omni-Man. The suit clearly indicates a big tussle where he was attacked by every member of the Guardians, leaving Debbie shocked.

She tries to justify it by suggesting the former superheroes might have attacked Nolan and he lied to protect their legacy, but Art quickly proves this wrong. 

The oldest blood from the fight is on Omni-Man’s hand, meaning he threw the first punch, and initiated the massacre.

Debbie confronts him at the end of the episode and he is visibly annoyed at his wife figuring out the secret he has so desperately been trying to hide.

Even with the revelation, the viewers are yet to be told why exactly Omni-Man went against his world’s saviors. (hush hush, comic book readers)

But with Cecil and his wife hot on his heels, and more importantly, only two episodes remaining in season 1, it’s only a matter of time before we’re told why Earth’s strongest hero turned out to be its enemy.

And more importantly, how will his son, the ‘Invincible’ Mark Grayson react?

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