Dario Sepúlveda from Griselda: Who killed him?

In Griselda, the portrayal of Dario’s death is different from how it happened in real life.

In the Netflix series, Dario joins Griselda after betraying his former boss, Fernando, Griselda’s brother-in-law.

Griselda finds herself trusting and attracted to Dario after learning that he has a soft spot for kids.

Over time, the two get into a relationship, get married, and even have a son together. However, the more Griselda grows in power, the more paranoid she gets, fearing that people are after her.

The thought that there could be a mole among her people drives her to suspect her closest associates. It ruins her relationships with many, including Dario.

Dario is prompted to leave everything and part ways with Griselda. He relocates and starts staying with his mother, and takes his and Griselda’s son with him.

A while after Griselda’s arrest, someone kidnaps his son, kills Dario, and brings his son back to Griselda’s rest of the family.

Who killed Dario?

The show never confirms who killed Dario and brought his and Griselda’s son back to Griselda’s family.

Some say Griselda only ordered the hit on Dario. He left with their son and another woman, and she wasn’t going to sit quietly. However, none of this has been confirmed.

Dario Sepúlveda from Griselda: Who killed him? 1
Dario ends his relationship with Griselda

Griselda also makes changes to the events of Dario’s death. In the series, two assassins in civil clothes invade his house.

One of them picks his son up after attacking his mother, while the other assassinates Dario, who comes to rescue his son.

In reality, men dressed as policemen assassinated Dario in the presence of his son, Michael.

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