7 Kadam ending explained: Ravi and Aurobindo’s destiny

7 Kadam is a football web series now streaming on Eros Now. It narrates the story of father and son, both connected by their love for football but divided by ideals.

Aurobindo Pal (Ronit Roy) is a distraught man, distant from his family as he still harbours sadness at not being able to become India’s best player after an injury derailed his budding but promising career.

He sees even more potential in his son Ravi (Amit Sadh), and is absolutely delighted when he gets selected to play for Asansol XI. To double his joy, he is approached to coach the team.

Reuniting with his passion helps mend Aurobindo and he begins to make more of an effort to get closer to his family, as he dreams of winning the national championship with Asansol XI.

Conflict arises when Ravi, unhappy with the pay at Asansol XI, decides to join Kolkata Bagan, a team owned by Aurbindo’s old rival Babul Banerjee (Ashok Singh), who despises him and is elated to be able to lure his son away. Will Ravi and Aurobindo’s relationship be damaged beyond repair?

Are you still confused about what all happens at the end?

Here’s a detailed explanation of how 7 Kadam ends (last episode):

Issues of past and present

Babul and Aurobindo finally come face to face, as the former finally reveals the reason for his grudges against him. When the two were young, they were part of trials for the national team, Aurobindo did not pass the ball to Babul even after scoring three goals.

Babul has always felt that Aurobindo wanted to beat him and stop him from being selected, but he reveals that he had not heard him shouting for a pass. If he had, he would have passed it to him, leaving Babul a bit shocked.

At the house, Sahil (Debashis Chowdhary) brings his family for Ravi’s sister Sapna’s (Shilpa Roy) hand in marriage. However, they say that the entire cost of marriage would have to be taken care of by the bride’s family. Ravi proclaims that he will arrange the money, but his family remains hostile towards him.

To add to the woes, Aurobindo is told by the owner of Asansol XI that if the team does not win the national league, he will be fired.


Ravi pleads to his family that they understand his reason for joining Kolkata Bagan. All his life, he has seen his father struggling financially, and he just wants to help his family.

He calls himself an ‘orphan’ at the fact that he is adopted and announces that he will leave football if it hurts his family to this level. His mother (Rohini Banerjee) reprimands him and tells him that everyone wants him to succeed and become the best football player despite everything, and so does his father. She gifts him new football cleats and tells him to keep playing.

Ravi and Aurobindo finally address the hostility, and the latter tells him he will retire after the final. They reconcile as Aurobindo accepts that his son has grown up and taken his life into his own hands.

He does rue the fact that if his son would have been in his team for the final, he would have retired as a winning coach.

Asansol XI vs Kolkata Bagan

The final almost ends as a draw but Ravi manages to win a penalty with only 18 seconds before the final whistle. If he scores, Kolkata Bagan become the champions, but his father’s team loses.

With so much riding on the penalty, Ravi begins his run-up, as a montage of different scenes from the series fills the screen. It all builds up to this one final moment.

Ravi manages to score and Kolkata Bagan wins the final. Aurobindo bursts into tears and commends his son for his success. He has lost as a coach but his heart swells with pride as a father.

During the post-match interview, Ravi calls for his father, who says he was worried Ravi would intentionally miss the penalty to protect his father’s honour. But he is glad that he didn’t, because every player should only play for their team.

The series concludes with a frame of the whole family which now includes Ravi’s girlfriend and Babul Banerjee’s daughter Kiran (Deeksha Seth), hinting at letting go of all grudges.

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