Bombay Begums ending explained: The queens’ revolt

Bombay Begums is a drama web series revolving around five women who attempt to survive in the “city of dreams”; Mumbai.

It narrates the tale of Rani (Pooja Bhatt), Fatima (Shahana Goswami), Lily (Amruta Subhash), Ayesha (Plabitha Borthakur) and Shai (Aadhya Anand), who all come from different backgrounds and belong to different age brackets, are intertwined by fate.

Rani has recently been promoted to CEO of Royal Bank of Bombay, but finds that men in power around her want to drag her down and see her fail. Fatima works at the same bank and Rani offers her a promotion, however, she has to deal with a less successful husband who wants her to be a housewife after the birth of their child.

Local prostitute Lily’s son Vaibhav (Sachin Chaudhary) is run over with a car by Rani’s stepson Zuravar (Neel Raj Dewan), albeit surviving, and she uses this to blackmail her into making her part of a welfare scheme by her bank for underprivileged women to start their own business.

Ayesha also works at the bank but is fired by Fatima after a massive error. Her problems compound when thrown out of her house by her landlady, forcing her to bunk with her friends. Rani rehires her to head the welfare scheme and assist Lily.

Shai is Rani’s stepdaughter who is grappling with the issues teenagers face around the onset of puberty. She is also the narrator of the entire saga.

With so many sub-plots running simultaneously, it’s easy to miss out on how it all concludes and the loose ends get addressed. 

Bombay Begums ending explained in detail:

Protect the kingdom

Shai ends up at the hospital after an overdose in the previous episode. Lily tells Rani that she wants to move away and abandon her factory after being threatened by a local goon named Vijay Sathe, wishing Shai a faster recovery.

Rani finally faces Mahesh (Rahul Bose), with whom she had an affair. She urges him to withdraw the notice of her bank breaking PRB guidelines. When he refuses, she kisses him in an emotional spur and bids him farewell, declaring that her bank’s lawyers will fight the notice.

Fatima confesses to Arijay (Vivek Gomber) that she had an affair with Jeff (Mark Bennington), who accuses her of trying to make him feel small. They bicker and end up in a mess.

Ayesha finds a connection with a local politician to ward off Vijay Sathe and allow Lily’s factory to open without issues.

Fatima begins to question whether the harassment allegations against her mentor Deepak Sanghvi (Manish Chaudhari) hold any truth. She finds another victim of his, apart from Ayesha, willing to speak out.

Resist the siege

After Shai recovers, Rani has a conversation with her about harassment. She tells her not to ever let anybody touch her inappropriately.

She confesses to being assaulted repeatedly by her former mentor Pradyuman (Ashok Mandanna) when she was “young and stupid”, and she never thought to fight back.

Shai finally warms up to Rani after hearing her plight and their relationship takes a positive turn.

Fatima approaches Rani with evidence of Deepak harassing his co-workers, who decides to finally take action against the ‘predator’.

Rani also reveals that she had covered up a case in the past because Deepak had leverage against her. She stresses that the injustice had gone on long enough and that it was time to take action. She calls the commissioner to file an FIR.

Ayesha finally tells Ron (Imaad Shah) that she is bisexual and still has feelings for Chitra (Sanghmitra Hitaishi). They part ways after she says that she is unsure about him and needs to figure out her life.

Haider tells Lily that he will take her to Dubai, but she has apprehensions when he says that he’ll hide her in another part of the city. She had sought respect outside Mumbai, where she would always be considered a prostitute. However, realisation dawned that she would still be living in the shadows with Haider’s offer.

Rise of the begums

After the many hurdles, Lily’s factory is launched. During the inauguration, Rani is questioned about the arrest of Deepak, and she responds that the law will take its course.

When further questioned on the change of stance, she reveals to everybody her harassment by Pradyuman, shocking her colleagues at the bank. She also urges women to come together and say no to sexual harassment.

Shai gets her periods and Rani is the first to know, exactly what she had requested from her stepdaughter.

Fatima and Arijay discuss their relationship and come to the conclusion that they want different things in life, and the latter leaves the house.

At long last, Ayesha manages to rent a new house, ending her struggles of having to live with others all throughout the series.

Rani, her husband Naushad (Danish Husain), Zuravar and Shai celebrate the birthday of Naushad’s late wife Zenobia, whom he had been unable to completely let go of.

Rani shows up in Zenobia’s old wedding dress, which he had been fixating upon, implicitly urging him to fully accept him as his wife.

The two reconcile, but in the backdrop, Deepak throws Rani under the bus, revealing to the police that Rani had made Lily a part of the welfare scheme to protect her stepson from getting arrested.

As Rani and Naushad get intimate, the police rush to their home to make the arrest. With this, the screen fades to black, leaving their fate ambiguous.

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