Who’s a Good Boy? ending explained: Who does Chema end up with?

Who’s a Good Boy? follows Chema as he looks forward to dating the hottest girl in his school, only to later realize that he has become her pet. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Chema, a bright high school student often referred to as a ‘softie’, owing to his caring nature, realizes that he has fallen behind his friends at his high school.

Turns out, every other person is in a relationship or is dating someone and is getting laid, except for him. He vows to change this by making sure that he has a date for this Christmas.

It’s his last year as a high school student, and he doesn’t want to miss the experience of being in love at this age.

Initially, he eyes Eli, as they both have a lot in common, but his friends tease him, suggesting that she is kind of his cousin, though she is not.

Things change when Claudia, a new student from Acapulco, arrives, and a teacher allows Chema to give her a tour of the school.

Chema sees this as an opportunity to best the other popular students and win Claudia before they do. What he doesn’t understand is that he is becoming a pet to Claudia by being available to her all the time.

Amidst all of this, his father’s best friend, Uncle Jamie, who is in love with his mother, gives him all the guidance he needs. Jamie’s advice helps Chema stay confident about having Claudia as his date for Christmas.

Chema is so into Claudia that he forgets about his old friends and joins the popular group that only cares about Claudia. He also abandons Eli, who certainly has a thing for him.

Meanwhile, Claudia learns from the other high school girls that guys like Chema are like their dogs, who will do anything for them, but they are definitely not their bae. This encourages Claudia to ask the popular guy, Sebas, out instead of Chema.

Chema pays her house a visit when she stops picking up his calls and discovers her with Sebas.

Claudia calls Chema to inform him that she is going out with Sebas. Chema is left heartbroken, but Claudia also had another piece of news for him. She lets him know that Eli probably likes him and he should ask her out.

Chema moves on and does the same, but things fall apart on date night when Claudia gets jealous after seeing Chema with Eli. She borrows him until Sebas arrives and laughs at Chema’s expectations of wanting her as his girlfriend.

Eli overhears the conversation and leaves Chema immediately, believing that he sees her as some sort of consolation prize.

If that wasn’t enough, Chema also ends up fighting with his best friends and later blames all of this on Jamie and his advice. He even calls him his mother’s dog.

Who’s a Good Boy? ending explained in detail:

How does Chema fix his ‘dog’ situation?

Chema spends the rest of the year trying to apologize to Eli. He is all on his own, as his best friends, Hugo and Ruben, don’t want him on their side either.

One day, he finds his mother crying. She tells him how much she misses Uncle Jamie and why they should tell each other what they feel out loud.

Chema writes a letter to Jamie, admitting his mistakes and that he was mean to the only person who was taking care of them.

Graduation day arrives, and Chema decides to not be a softie anymore. He makes a final move on Eli and gifts her his photograph of ‘The Smiths’ that has Morrissey’s autograph on it.

Moving on, he addresses this ‘dog’ situation that every other boy at the school is facing who is in love with a hot girl there.

He explains to these boys why they are more special and why they shouldn’t spend time appealing to the girls who won’t give them the same love back.

Once the speech ends, he receives applause from all the other students for his bravery.

Does Chema reconcile with his friends and Uncle Jamie?

After delivering that strong speech, Chema sits alone for the graduation ceremony to begin. Claudia comes and takes the seat behind him to confess that she never saw him as a dog.

She broke up with Sebas as they weren’t doing well, and now she wants to be with Chema. Though Chema desired this all along, this year taught him that he never knew what he was looking for from this relationship.

Therefore, he rejected Claudia’s proposal but promised that they will always be best friends.

As the graduation ceremony began, Chema’s best friends sat with him and claimed that he never lost them. The friends cheered each other while they graduated.

From the back, Uncle Jamie arrived in time to support his nephew and his friends. Chema then meets Eli. She wants to give him his poster back, but he insists that he really wants her to have it.

He also breaks it to his family that he no longer wants to pursue engineering; what he wants to do is music, the one thing he loves the most.

Does Chema end up with Eli or not?

The school trip goes to Cancun, and Eli watches as different relationships blossom on the plane. She heads towards the washroom and finds Chema inside, who initially wasn’t planning on going on this trip.

The couple makes out in a first-class bathroom with someone constantly banging on the door asking them to come out. The person breaks the door to reveal himself as Mario B, none other than Claudia’s favorite musician.

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