Only For Love ending explained: How does Eva cross paths with Tadeu’s band?

Only For Love follows the story of a band on the road looking for success and a girl trying to approach big names in the music industry who could make her song famous. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The death of Daniel Soh, a beloved musical sensation leaves an entire nation shaken. While they mourn their star’s death, Tadeu and Deusa’s country music band believes the show must go on.

The band celebrates Daniel Soh’s music with a cover of his song, which goes viral and catches the eyes of Daniel’s manager Cesar and his wife Ana Ligia.

Cesar invites the band to perform for the label. Though the band does well, the only person Cesar sets his eyes on turns out to be Deusa. He sees Deusa as a future star who could fill Daniel’s shoes.

Initially, Deusa rejects the offer to go solo and leave the band behind, but an earful from some people encourages her to take the shot and join Cesar for a solo career.

Thus, leaving the band with no lead singer. While Tadeu supports his girlfriend, the band wasn’t pleased with her decision.

They began looking for another lead singer and eventually crossed paths with Eva.

Before Daniel’s death, Eva had approached him for a song she had written, which she believes is bound to be a hit. Daniel saw the song the same way she did and pitched it to his manager Cesar.

Before he could arrange a meeting between them, Daniel lost his life in a plane crash. With that, Eva found herself alone in the city of Goiania, until she found a friend in the form of a busker named Roberta.

With the help of Roberta, Eva reached out to Alex Farnao, the biggest radio DJ in the city, but a deal with him doesn’t work out.

Amidst this, Roberta finds out that Eva’s real identity is Maria Antonia. She feels disappointed as she had taken Eva in believing she didn’t have any money, but she is pretty rich.

Eva later met Valdo from Tadeu’s band and found out that they are looking for a lead singer. She decided to make things up with Roberta by offering her that position.

Roberta starts doing shows with Tadeu’s band, until, one night Ana Ligia discovers them playing along to Eva’s voice at a bar.

Ana Ligia gives the band a second chance by bringing them in, while Eva takes this opportunity to meet Cesar. Meanwhile, Deusa continues taking one step ahead in the direction of a successful musical career.

Only For Love ending explained in detail:

Does Eva find her mom?

After joining Tadeu’s band to replace Roberta, Eva confesses to Tadeu about her song. The song she has been pitching to every other big name in the music industry is written by her mother.

Eva believes this song is a hit, and if a well-known artist sings it, the song will become popular. It will probably help her to find her mother, who might be out there.

Cesar had accepted the song, and he gave it to Deusa, as she was now a pretty popular musician. The recordings began, and the moment Ana Ligia heard the song during the sessions, she recognized it.

She started accusing Cesar of stealing the song from her but was startled when he told her it was a song Eva wrote. Eva walks away from the conversation and is followed by her mother Ana Ligia into the elevator.

Ana confesses to Eva that she was young and not ready to be a mother. She wrote that song because she couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Eva was pretty disappointed since her mother was a big name in the music industry. If she had tried, she could have easily found Eva, but she didn’t.

Eva makes fun of her mother’s song and tells her that she is a better songwriter than a mother, before walking out of the elevator, leaving Ana Ligia in tears.

Do Tadeu and Deusa end up together?

After accepting Cesar’s offer, Deusa and Tadeu find themselves on two different paths. Though Tadeu wanted to support his girlfriend, they had a number of differences with the lifestyle changes they were going through.

While Deusa found herself hooking up with Cesar once, Tadeu almost did the same with Eva.

After all the ups and downs in their relationship, Eva understood that she should never forget her roots while Tadeu realized that he was being a jerk to Deusa.

Despite coming back together, there was still some animosity between them.

In the end, the uneasy feeling proved to be true when Tadeu went running toward Eva as she left after meeting her mother. He tried to comfort her and the pair eventually ended up making out while Deusa saw them from the window.

The show comes to a close with Deusa removing the ring Tadeu gave her before recording another song in the studio.

What happens to Roberta, Nelton, Valdo, and Patricio?

Roberta had fallen in love with Eva but was heartbroken when Eva didn’t resonate the same feelings towards her. Still, she had a band and probably a successful career ahead.

That was all until Ana Ligia saw Eva performing with the band at the bar and thought Eva was more of a better fit to be the lead singer.

Ana Ligia tried to play her games to politely remove Roberta from the band, but Roberta was no fool. She knew what Ana Ligia was doing.

Eva later tried talking things out with Roberta, but Roberta started believing that Eva is taking over her life, and she told her the same.

Therefore, she wanted her out of her life. She hoped they will be friends again after some time, but just not now.

Nelton on the other had found out that he was gay after hanging out with Rafael. After learning Rafael’s story of coming out, Nelton tried to do the same but failed to confess it to Luana, although he was soon going to marry her.

Nelton later had a tiff with his half-brother Valdo who told him about their father being in jail. An emotional Nelton finally mustered up the courage to come out in front of his half-brother.

Valdo hugged Nelton and declared they are brothers from now on, not half-brothers.

Lastly, Patricio comes clean to Sonia that he is over the fact that she cheated on him. He also confessed that he is not in love with her anymore.

Patricio was in love with Gorete. He later joined Gorete on stage while she was performing and proposed for marriage. Gorete revealed that she is already married, thus, putting an end to their love story as well.

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