Who is Riley Poole in National Treasure: Edge of History?

Riley Poole recently made his first appearance on ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ in the latest episode, bringing back some good old nostalgia for the fans of the franchise, and some teases for its future.

Apart from Peter Sadusky’s appearance in the first couple of episodes, ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ keeps on reminding its ties to the titular franchise.

Bad or good, this reminder has been a constant so far in the show. The latest reminder of the ‘National History’ films comes in Riley Poole’s guest appearance in episode 4.


Sadusky has passed away, and his daughter-in-law has arranged a wake for him, inviting many of his familiars and friends, including Riley Poole.

Since his last appearance in the ‘National Treasure’ franchise, Poole has been a busy lad, and a successful one too.

He’s an author and runs a popular podcast, that he reveals is going to be turned into a streaming series, moments after getting out of his private jet in the latest episode.

Same old same old

The sarcastic and goofy sidekick to Nicolas Cage’s Benjamin Gates, Riley also had the classic sidekick talents, which in the 2000s were tech wizardry and a penchant for hacking into the “mainframe”.

In ‘Edge of History’, Riley still very much feels like a sidekick, in spite of his seniority over the main characters, in terms of age and treasure-hunting experience. However, it doesn’t exactly constitute a negative point for his guest appearance.

That’s because his goofball antiques are fairly balanced with the moments that show his competence and the treasure trove of trivia his brain houses, thanks in part to his podcast which he’s been doing for quite some time now.

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From getting Jess and himself locked inside a secret room and inadvertently activating its defence measures, to helping Jess crack the code to get out of it, as well as later helping her and the group crack the wider puzzle and clues to the treasure — Riley’s range remains intact.

What is he cooking?

Riley Poole makes a great guest appearance and helps out the main group a great deal in advancing to the next stage of their hunt. He also breaks shocking news to Jess, about a possible traitor among her group of friends.

However, he also drops in some teases for what he and Ben’s been cooking all these years after the second ‘National Treasure’ flick.

It’s nothing new and the clue he describes their current adventure by is the same as the one shown at the end of the aforementioned film’s cliffhanger ending.

While it may lead to a possible follow-up that eventually materializes into the highly anticipated third movie, or even a Ben Gates appearance in ‘Edge of History’, for the time being, it just seems to be a wink at the fans.

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