Who is Peter Sadusky in National Treasure: Edge of History?

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ premiered with a familiar figure of the franchise, Peter Sadusky, delivering the exposition for the story ahead, before passing away under suspicious circumstances.

The latest outing of the ‘National Treasure’ franchise recently premiered on Disney+ with two episodes, setting up a new world and hunt for a new treasure while also giving the viewers one last glimpse at the past films.

Peter Sadusky, a prominent character in the National Treasure films, makes returns to the franchise with ‘Edge of History’, offering an expository dump for the story before he passes away.

Past his days, but adventure lingers still

When Jess visits Sadusky, he is in quite a frail state; his prime days are long gone and dementia clouds his mind and memories. Even so, the old man does exhibit rare moments were remnants of his detective days surface and he recognises things — like the necklace Jess wears.

What’s more is that in spite of all the grim tidbits of his current condition, Sadusky still has that twinkle of adventure and curiosity when it comes to treasures and

The former FBI Special Agent now spends his last days in his manor, with a caretaker that he believes to be a secret agent in disguise. It’s later revealed that Sadusky’s son, a treasure hunter himself, died chasing after an elusive treasure.

Sadusky’s retirement from the FBI is hinted at being a consequence of his son’s death. Eventually, he’d contract dementia which he’d contend with for the last 10 years of his life.

Old habits die hard

Inside the webbed mindscape of Peter Sadusky resides his old self that thrived off the mystery and chase revolving treasures. The former FBI Special Agent’s last adventure related to a treasure is for the young ones to embark on.

In the first episode of ‘Edge of History’, it is 2001 and Sadusky is shown to be taping an explanation about the Montezuma treasure. He talks about the history associated with it and in the present day, leaves clues for the treasure for his grandson Liam.

Peter Sadusky edge of history
Image source: Disney+

While Liam resents his grandfather ever since his father died (he blames Sadusky for his father’s death). However, after his passing, Liam does help out Jess with her hunt, opening up Sadusky’s treasure trove itself — a hidden library filled with research and clues on Montezuma’s treasure.

Suspicious departure

After meeting and explaining to Jess the history of the treasure she seeks, as well as helping her with some clues to the relics, Peter Sadusky passes away in his sleep.

When Jess learns of his passing, she immediately suspects foul play, believing the reason behind his death to be more than a natural one. She believes that Billie Pearce, a wealthy and diabolical treasure hunter, must be behind Sadusky’s death.

She even approaches the FBI but to keep her and her friend’s identity incognito, she has to forge a fake identity on the spot. She’s not really good at improvisation like that, leading the FBI officer to take her report as a prank.

While the exact manner in which he passes away, and who was behind it (if any) is not revealed, Jess’s working theory entails Billie being the perpetrator/mastermind behind it.

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