Today We’ll Talk About That Day summary and ending explained

Netflix’s Today We’ll Talk About That Day follows Narendra who visits his son Angkasa, whose marriage with Lika is falling apart, as Narendra tries to provide insight and experiences of his own from years past.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Angkasa and Lika are going through the roughest patch in their marriage, and are about to go for divorce. Angkasa invites his mother to Bali to get her take on all this but she sends his father instead, claiming he’d be more helpful than her.

In 1987, his father Narendra, and his mother Ajeng meet for the first time during a crisis. Narendra’s old brother dies after getting into a train accident and Ajeng’s mother needs blood for the surgery, which isn’t available anywhere. Narendra helps her get the blood and soon, he and Ajeng fall in love.

Ajeng’s father wants her to marry a wealthy family friend’s son, Wirjawan. Meanwhile, Ajeng and Narendra’s love continues. In the present day Bali, Narendra learns about his the status of his son’s marriage, while Angkasa refuses to talk to him about any of it.

Angkasa believes his wife has been cheating on him with Billy, her former friend who used to like her and heads off to his home looking for a fight. Angkasa messages Narendra about the same as he tags along for the ride.

In 1987, Wirjawan learns about Narendra and Ajeng’s affair and sends his men to rough him up. Ajeng’s father Soemitro also learns about it and apologizes to Wirjawan while beating Ajeng for it while her mother who supports her can do little in this situation.

When Wirjawan’s family comes to visit the house for engagement, Ajeng elopes with Narendra but after some time passes, Narendra decides she should go back when her mother falls ill again. He’s arrested and Soemitro threatens to destroy his life.

Narendra refuses to budge and stands tall, adamant about his love for Ajeng. Wirjawan later meets Ajeng and understands that her love for Narendra is brave and strong, before giving her money to bail Narendra out. The two later make their relationship official.

It costs Ajeng her privileges as per Soemitro’s conditions, who later even gets the couple evicted from the house that Ajeng’s mother brought with her own money.

This causes Laksmi to go against her husband and sue him. She later extends a helping hand to Ajeng and Narendra but he refuses to help before Ajeng convinces him to let her help as well.

In the present day, Narendra and Ang warm up to each other better as the father advises his son to receive whatever he learns from Billy with honor and without violence. He meets Billy who disabuses Ang’s presumptions.

Ang later confronts Narendra, revealing to him that the strenuous nature of his marriage is thanks to the insecurities Ang fell victim to in order to measure up to his father. Narendra is struck with this realization as he expresses how much love and pride he feels for his son.

In the past, Ajeng and Narendra have a son, and Ajeng’s parents visit to check up on their grandchild. At the end of Today We’ll Talk About That Day, Ang and Lika find a moment of the familiar warmth in each other as they decide to give their marriage another chance.

Today We’ll Talk About That Day ending explained in detail:

Is Lika cheating on Angkasa?

Lika and Angkasa are on the verge of divorce at the beginning of Today We’ll Talk About That Day, and it’s established early on that they have a communication problem which also contributes to much of the strife and strain.

When Narendra comes to Bali, the couple has been living separately for a month. Angkasa also thinks that Lika has been cheating on him with Billy, her close friend who used to have a thing for her.

She routinely goes to him to talk amid her marriage problems, but Angkasa thinks she’s doing more than just talking. His father later gives him advice regarding the haste he might be making these assumptions and asks him to get to the truth without said assumptions.

Ang meets up with Billy and asks him why Lika has been coming to see him, and Billy reveals it’s simply to talk to someone about it. The reason she came to him was that Billy had had an experience similar to Ang and Lila’s marriage.

Why are Angkasa and Lika apart?

Billy was married in the past and he became quite obsessed with it, resulting in no breathing room for his partner.

He reveals to Ang that Lika talked about his obsession with proving himself and stepping out of his father’s shadow, which only ended up hurting Lika, who had to shoulder the weight of everything.

Later on, it’s also revealed that Ang has been pushing for kids in order to be able to prove that he can be just as good or even better a father than Narendra. This drove Lika further away from him.

Additionally, the communication issues between them add to their woes and dysfunctional marriage, which they improve upon a bit later on in Today We’ll Talk About That Day.

Do Ang and Lika get together?

Angkasa makes peace with his father, who apologizes for hurting him unintentionally. Narendra also expresses his love for his son, telling Ang how much he loves him, and also stating how both his parents consider him their greatest accomplishment ever.

Narendra later apologizes to Lika for becoming the reason for his son’s suffering, which in turn made her shoulder all that weight of dysfunction and neglect. Lika and Ang later sit down in a moment of tenderness and calm. Ang asks if they can fix this situation.

Lika says they both are suffering through the problems and both need to find each other again. When Ang’s divorce lawyer calls him, Lika promptly tells him that she has canceled the appointment with her lawyer. Ang then tells the lawyer to postpone the meeting.

Though not definitively together at the end with a happy-ever-after, Lika and Ang are one step closer to returning to the glory days of their relationship. By the time Today We’ll Talk About That Day reaches its last scenes, they are ready to work on finding each other again and on their issues, together.

How do Narendra and Ajeng get together?

Narendra and Ajeng fall in love after he helps save her mother’s life. Ajeng goes against his father’s intentions and elopes with Narendra, even after Wirjawan, the childhood friend she was supposed to be arranged married to, gets her boyfriend beaten up.

The couple hides away as Soemitro uses his connections with the authorities to find them. Ajeng has to return when her mother falls ill again and is hospitalized. Narendra sends her off as he prepares to fight for his love, which he does in spite of all threats Soemitro throws his way.

Wirjawan realizes he’s in the way of Ajeng and Narendra’s truly brave love and helps her bail Narendra out. The two then seek her parents’ blessings, receiving them from the mother while the father kicks Ajeng out of the house.

The two find a home in the house her mother had previously bought in secret. Soemitro gets them evicted from the place, forcing his wife to take him to court. Meanwhile, Narendra and Ajeng live together as he struggles to get a job and finish his studies.

He eventually finishes his education and gets a job, as Ajeng gives birth to a baby boy. The birth of his grandchild compels even Soemitro to abandon his pride and obstinate stance and go check up on the baby boy, as Today We’ll Talk About That Day rolls the credits.

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