The Witcher: Blood Origin ending explained: Do Fjall and Éile kill the Empress?

The Witcher: Blood Origin is a fantasy series that tells the story of how the first ever Witcher was created and the events leading up to the conjunction of the spheres. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Jaskier finds himself in the middle of a hellish battle doing his best to avoid getting impaled when time stops all around him. He sees another figure with the same face as him and assumes it is a doppler.

The figure reveals herself to be a powerful elven woman who transports Jaskier to a different place and tells him that she has a task only he is capable of carrying out.

She wants him to tell a story long forgotten, of seven strange individuals who came together during the conjunction of spheres and turned an elf into the first witcher so that they may defeat a terrifying beast.

She narrates her story as Jaskier takes it down so that he may turn it into a song. The first individual she speaks of is a bard referred to as the “Lark”, who travels the lands and sings her songs to anyone willing to listen.

In the kingdom of Xin’trea where the new king, Alvitir, wants to bring an end to the 1000-year war between his kingdom and the kingdoms of Darwen and Pryshia. By his side are his sister, Merwyn, and the Dog Clan, a group of warriors sworn to protect the king.

Fjall Stoneheart, a member of the clan, is banished after committing the sin of sleeping with princess Merwyn. Alvitir tells Merwyn that he plans to offer her hand in marriage to the king of Pryshia so that he may broker a peace treaty.

Fjall finds himself in the same village as the Lark, as they’re both thrown into holding for various indiscretions. The bard’s real name is Eile and she is a member of the Raven clan, protectors of the Pryshian King.

Fjall’s freedom is bought as a fellow member of his clan and asks him to return for the signing of the peace treaty. Eile escapes and goes back to her room to find her sister asking her to return as well.

She doesn’t want to return but she later meets a young girl who has visions of the future and when she touches Eile, she narrates a prophecy in which Eile is destined to kill a beast in her quest for redemption.

The Chief Sage of Xin’trea, Balor, uses ancient dwarven monoliths to travel to another world where he communicates with an ethereal entity in the hopes of gaining the power to overthrow the king.

Eile agrees to return with her sister but they are attacked and her sister is murdered. Fjall shows up and they agree to travel together back to Xin’trea.

At the signing of the treaty, the clans and the monarchs gather together but it turns out to be a trap set by Balor and Merwyn with the help of the militaries of the three kingdoms. A huge flying beast under Balor’s control lays waste to everyone.

Merwyn is installed as the empress of the Golden empire as the three kingdoms are consolidated as one. She wishes to use the portals of the monolith to travel the new worlds and gather their infinite resources while Balor’s only goal is unlimited power.

Eile and Fjall learn about the death of their clans and decide to go to Xin’trea to kill Merwyn. Eile says that they’re going to need the help of her sword mother, Scian, the last surviving elf of the ghost clan.

Scian isn’t interested in helping them, especially since the Dog clan was responsible for killing the rest of her clan but after seeing how the two of them fight, she agrees to go along.

A dwarf named Meldorf travels with her hammer named Gwen in search of an elvish soldier who killed her beloved. The commander of the military, Eredin is worried about the poor condition of the lowborns but Balor isn’t bothered.

Scian, Eile and Fjall plan to rob a dwarven bank so that they can enlist sell swords for their quest but the bank is already cleared out by looters. They have to then fight off a squad of soldiers and Scian is sliced with a poisoned blade.

Merwyn is attacked by a peasant at the palace and a mage apprentice named Avallac’h saves her. She asks him to be assigned as her protector and tasks him with getting the book of monoliths from Balor’s chambers so that she can get rid of Balor’s influence.

Fjall and Eile stop at a forest to look for herbs that can help Scian’s deteriorating condition. When they return, they find another man standing over Scian who introduces himself as Callan or “Brother Death”.

He offers to help them since they’ll be fighting soldiers of the empire as they killed the kind villagers who took him in. He tells them that he knows a mage who can cure Scian.

Merwyn finds out that Eledin has a relationship with a lowborn merchant and she uses this secret to get Eledin on her side. Callan takes them to the Marsh of the Mists and tells them that no matter what they see, they must make it to the other side.

Fjall sees his deceased brother and Merwyn in a demented vision and Eile remembers the horrible things she did as part of the Raven clan. They emerge at the other end of the marsh to find Callan and Scian approaching an elvish woman named Zacare.

Behind Zacare, Syndril walks out. Syndril is the mage who initially discovered the monoliths but he was imprisoned by Balor. He managed to escape and vowed to get revenge.

Balor revisits the world with the entity and wants to get access to its chaos magic but the entity tells him that he must make a great sacrifice to gain it.

Zacare cures Scian and Syndril tells the others about the beast that Balor has brought in. Syndril says he knows how to travel between monoliths to get to the palace but when he does that the first time, they go to a different world and encounter a monster.

The monster chases them as they rush out of the portal and arrive close to the city. Syndril closes the portal, cutting the monster in half. They run into Meldorf, who recently murdered the elves she was looking for and lives in a cave nearby.

The group settles at the cave and Syndril says that they can use the heart of the dead monster to fuse its powers with that of an elf and create their own monster. That would give them a fighting chance against Balor and the empress.

Eile volunteers to receive the transformation but Fjall doesn’t want her to do it. Balor goes into Merwyn’s room where she and Avallac’h are and attacks them because they stole the book of monoliths but Eledin stops Balor by holding Balor’s apprentice hostage.

Fjall and Eile get drunk and fall asleep on the grass. When Eile wakes up the next morning, she notices that Fjall is not there and hears him screaming from the cave. Syndril and Jacare start the process of transformation on Fjall who appears to be in immense pain.

Merwyn asks Avallac’h to open a portal to a new world but he’s not capable. They have no choice but to ask for Balor’s help to get to the new worlds.

The transformation is successful on Fjall but he does have some sort of bloodlust that is calmed down by Eile followed by them making love to each other. Scian rides to Xin’trea and offers to hand over Fjall in exchange for gold.

Merwyn asks Balor to help and convinces him that they can do amazing things together. Scian leads the others into a trap as Xin’trean soldiers appear but she double-crosses them as other sellswords rain down arrows on the soldiers.

They don the armour of the soldiers to successfully enter the city.

The Witcher: Blood Origin ending explained in detail:

What happens in the new world?

Eledin and a squad of scouts get ready as Balor opens up a portal using the monolith. Merwyn reminds them that they need to look for resources first before they civilize these new worlds.

However, what the soldiers see on the other side is a desolate land. Balor and his apprentice walk through behind them and admits to his apprentice that she is the closest thing to blood that he has and he has to sacrifice her to gain the power of chaos magic.

After getting this new power, he opens up a portal to send the other soldiers to another world including Eledin.

Does Scian’s plan work?

Scian escorts a chained Fjall with a couple of soldiers to Merwyn’s hall as Eile and the others stay behind. As Scian and Fjall depart, the other disguised sellswords attack the soldiers and open up the grain storage.

When they find it empty, Eile gives an inspiring speech to the people telling them that their fate is dire under Merwyn’s rule. Some of them recognize Eile as the Lark and begin singing one of her songs that spreads hope amongst the people as they start to riot.

Fjall is brought in front of Merwyn who betrays Scian and orders that she be taken away. She manages to escape her bonds and open the door for the others to come in.

What happens to the empress?

Syndril and Zacare head to the monolith to destroy it, Eile says she’s going to kill the empress and Scian, Meldorf and Callan stay behind to hold off the other soldiers.

Merwyn sees the transformed Fjall and asks him what happened. He says that he’s there to finish off the beast but she wants him to rule by her side.

He says that there is no way that he would say yes knowing everything that she has done. He grabs hold of his chains and begins attacking the soldiers restraining him as Merwyn is taken away.

Eile finds Merwyn in her chambers and tells her that her plan was foolish and she betrayed so many close ones for an idealistic idea that would have never worked and then stabs her.

Merwyn walks to her throne and as the other peasants reach the throne room, she pulls out the blade and lets herself bleed out.

What happens to Fjall?

Once Fjall gets rid of his bonds and the princess is taken away, he comes face to face with the monster and begins fighting it. They are knocked out to a lower level and Fjall is momentarily prone.

Eile shows up and tries to help him but the monster knocks her back. Fjall lets his bloodlust take over as the monster flies away and he grabs an axe and flings it at the monster and kills it.

He isn’t in control of his body and in a rage, attacks Callan as he approaches. Eile starts singing to calm him down and as he gets back to his normal self, he asks Eile to kill him and she lays him to rest.

Does Syndril destroy the monolith?

Syndril and Zacare reach the monolith and Balor returns from the other world. He attacks them with his chaos magic and Syndril says he can use that to destroy the monolith.

He gets close to Balor and then asks Zacare to bind them together. As their powers combine, he touches the monolith and a huge surge of energy blasts into the sky.

The monolith is destroyed but because it is the conjunction of the planets, the beam of energy rips the fabric between these worlds and there is a culmination of different worlds.

Sometime later, Humans find themselves on the planet of the elves as the story comes to a close and Jaskier finds himself back in the battle area, hearing the elf asking him to spread the message of hope.

Eile is revealed to be carrying Fjall’s child, which is most likely to be the first refined witcher.

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