Gaurav’s cargo in Extrapolations episode 5 explained

Extrapolations episode 5 follows a delivery driver embarking on a perilous mission to transport important cargo from Mumbai to Varanasi, with an amputee as his companion and a ferocious woman as the enemy who’s chasing them.

Extrapolations episode 5 sees Gaurav, a small-time criminal taking up on a job as a delivery driver. His mission entails transporting cargo that’s of great importance for the employer, so much so that Gaurav will be paid a handsome amount of money that can set him up for life, just for delivery.

Initially reluctant to many things associated with the job, Gaurav takes on it all and sees it through to the end, going through a journey of dangers, magic, and transformation.

The blood cargo

Gaurav and Neel are supposed to deliver a cargo the contents of it are unbeknownst to both of them. Gaurav wishes to know what it is that he’ll get paid 10,000 Euros to deliver but Neel informs him that Madam prefers the nature of the cargo to be hidden.

The mission is rife with perils and they present themselves pretty quickly. After enduring the overtly chatty persona of Neel, Gaurav has to contend with the police, who stop the truck and violently pull the two men out of the vehicle.

Evidently having been tipped off about them, the cops sniff out the suspicious cargo and hold Gaurav at gunpoint, but before the trigger gets pulled, Neel sneaks in and shoots the cops down. Following the fiasco, they change their route towards their destination.

The content of the cargo

The reach Madam’s place and she tasks them with the transportation of the cargo, which is a capsule-like container filled with seeds, to Amritsar. Their cargo is increased as they now have to transport Dr. Mann to safety as well.

Dr. Mann is a genetic scientist who’s mentally not all where he used to be ever since he got exposed to the Wet Bulb temperature. They have a car that’s laced with the proper technology and features to save them from the Wet Bulb effect whenever they have to face it since they’re going to be traveling during the day.

Rice seeds Extrapolations
Image for representation purposes (source: Apple TV+)

Neel opens the capsule and looks at the seeds within it, asking Dr. Mann about it. They come to the conclusion that it’s rice seeds, but it only baffles Gaurav more as to why he must measure such great lengths to transport seeds.

The audience knows it’s the same seeds that the woman steals from Svalbard, Norway. Gaurav also connects the dots and posits that these must be those very stolen seeds, which means they’re original seeds and Dr. Mann is hired to clone them and eventually distribute it to the farmers.

However, Gaurav thinks it’s a useless endeavor since nothing can come out of the seeds if it doesn’t ever rain. By the end of the Extrapolations episode 5, the mission is completed and the rain does pour down.

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