The Mythosaur: The Mandalorian underwater creature explained

The mythosaur is an ancient creature closely tied to the history of the Mandalorians and in the latest episode of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin and Bo-Katan come across one.

When Bo-Katan takes Din Djarin down to the Mines of Mandalore, she reads an inscription narrating the history of the mines and how it originally served as the lair of the fabled mythosaur before it was vanquished by ‘Mandalore the First’.

After Din is seemingly pulled into the water, Bo-Katan dives in after him and on the way back out, the torchlight of her helmet catches the eyes of a giant terrifying creature, most likely the mythosaur that was long taught to be extinct.

The Mythosaur: The Mandalorian underwater creature explained 1
Bo-Katan finds herself facing the colossal mythosaur

Bo-Katan had seen the Alamites earlier and remarked how if they had survived, who knows what else might have. The most obvious explanation is that the disappearance of the Mandalorian civilization has allowed more feral creatures to come out into the open and allowed to grow and survive without serious threats.

The beast and its conquerers

Mythosaurs were said to be as large as cities and roamed the planet of Mandalore for many millennia until the arrival of Mandalore the First and the Taungs, an ancient race of humanoid simians hailing from Coruscant.

Mandalore the First was responsible for the extinction of the mythosaurs as they conquered the planet for themselves and adopted the skull of the creature as the symbol for the ‘Mand’alor’, the traditional leader of the Mandalorian clans.

The Mythosaur: The Mandalorian underwater creature explained 2
The mythosaur skull sigil was present in the Armorer’s workshop

Its bones were used to create ancient Mandalorian weapons such as the Mandalorian axe while the skull sigil was eventually adopted by several clans and became closely attributed to the people of Mandalore.

A ceremonial bone mask was also created using the sternum of the creature and worn by Mandalore the First before being passed down from generation to generation. Canderous Ordo, a veteran soldier was the last known wearer of the mask before its use had fallen out of practice.

The appearance of mythosaur at this point from a survival point of view proves that the atmosphere of the planet is habitable once again, while also having some cultural significance as it could point to a new age of Mandalorians once again.

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