Alamites: The Mandalorian creatures explained

One of the first creatures that Din Djarin encounters after landing on Mandalore is the Alamites, a group of savages that seem to be one of the few beings that survived the purge of Mandalore.

Din Djarin was insistent on taking IG-11 along with him when he explored Mandalore and tested the viability of the atmosphere but what he ends up with is R5-D4, a jumpy astromech sold to him by Peli at Mos Eisley.

R5 goes through a split in the rock to test the atmosphere but when it disappears off the radar, Din has to check up on it. When he reaches the mouth of the ruins, he’s attacked by three savage creatures but he takes them out with the help of the Darksaber.

Alamites: The Mandalorian creatures explained 1
Din kills the creatures using the Darksaber after the ambush him

Survival of the fittest

After Din is captured by the cyborg, he sends Grogu to get Bo-Katan for help and he even knocks back one of the savages with the force as he makes his escape. Later, as Bo-Katan is exploring the caverns with Grogu, she notices a hint of danger.

She pushes Grogu to safety and shoots down a portion of the cavern ceiling. Three savages fall through and immediately attack her but she manages to fight them off with little trouble.

She explains to Grogu that those creatures are called Alamites and they were planning on eating her and Grogu. She adds that they used to live in the surface wastelands outside Sundari but have clearly moved into the city now that it is empty.

Alamites are sentient humanoid creatures of average size with four eyes and two tusks. This is their first appearance in the Star Wars universe.

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