Tekken: Bloodline ending explained: Is Jin Kazama dead or alive?

Tekken: Bloodline is an anime series that follows Jin Kazama, a fighter hell-bent on avenging the death of her mother at the hands of a mysterious creature. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

A young Jin Kazama gets into fights and uses the Kazama-style fighting technique taught to him by his mother, Jun Kazama, to overpower others.

However, his mother wants him to only fight in self-defense and does not condone violence. One day, the two are confronted by a terrifying creature that Jun calls a ‘demon’.

Despite holding her own against it, Jun eventually loses her life trying to kill it using the flames of her burning house. The sacrifice doesn’t result in its death as it manages to teleport.

Before fighting it, Jun had told her son to find his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. He seeks him out and, after initial doubt in his abilities, Heihachi agrees to train him to fight the demon that killed her mother, known as ‘Ogre’.

After four years of intense training, Jin manages to best Heihachi in a short fight. This prompts his grandfather to bring back the ‘King of the Iron Fist’ tournament.

As Jin prepares to be a part of it, a few important details come to light. This is the third edition of the tournament. His father, Kazuya Mishima, won the first tournament, after defeating Heihachi, who returned to win the second edition.

Heihachi also reveals the truth behind Ogre. Jin, like Kazuya, possesses what is known as  ‘Devil Gene’, an abnormality that provides borderline supernatural abilities.

Ogre was drawn towards the gene inside Jin, which is what prompted it to attack him and Jun on that fateful night. This revelation startles Jin, who now believes her death to be his own fault.

Jin manages to win his battles against Smith and Hwoarang, while the fighter King reaches the final as well, beating Xiaoyu and Paul Phoenix along the way.

After an intense battle, Jin comes out on top against King but lets go of the prize money after realising King wanted it for an orphanage.

Julia Chang made him aware of this, along with the fact that Heihachi stole the pendant that can sense Ogre from her mother, Michelle Chang. He intends to use it for nefarious purposes and he was the one who released Ogre in the first place.

After Jin beats King, Heihachi comes forward as his final opponent. Backed into a corner in their fight, Jin remembers his Kazama heritage.

Using the technique taught to him by his mother, Jin finally defeats his grandfather in a proper battle. However, the Devil Gene inside him begins to resonate with the pendant.

As the sky turns green, the creature responsible for the death of his mother descends towards the arena. Jin finally has the chance to kill Ogre and avenge his mother.

Tekken: Bloodline ending explained in detail: (Episode 6)

How does Jin beat Ogre’s first form?

Upon its descent into the arena, Ogre quickly recognises Jin and begins battling him. Jin reminds it that he isn’t a child anymore and this won’t go the same way.

Despite his friends wanting to help him, Heihachi completely forbids any outside interference as he believes this is Jin’s fight alone.

As the tide of the battle swings both ways at different moments, Jin remembers Heihachi’s words during training and finds the strength to defeat the creature and kill it.

Following his triumph, he tells Heihachi he doesn’t want anything to do with the tournament or him.

How is Ogre resurrected? Is it defeated again?

The mysterious green energy that resulted in Ogre’s appearance revives it and triggers a transformation into a drastically biffer demonic creature.

In this new form, it starts to dominate each and every fighter in the arena, including Jin, while Heihachi continues smiling from the side.

Remembering how helpless he was when his mother was attacked, Jin is desperate not to let history repeat when Ogre has Xiaoyu in its clutches.

Using the powers bestowed upon him by the Devil Gene, Jin manages to gain the upper hand again and defeat the creature once and for all.

Why does Heihachi kill Jin?

Looking and Jin, all Heihachi can think about is how Kazuya was taken over by the Devil Gene as well and became a monster.

Believing himself to be the only person capable of saving the world from the Devil Gene, he chooses to shoot his grandson right there and end any threat.

As Jin collapses from the bullet wound, his friends are left in utter shock at the lengths Heihachi is willing to go to for what he wants. Even killing his own grandson is no exception.

How does Jin come back to life?

On the brink of death, Jin remembers his mother’s words of Kazama pacifism as well as his grandfather’s desire for him to accept the flames of Mishima blood.

Apologising to his mother, he finally accepts the Devil Gene inside him and lets it take complete control of his body.

This results in a demonic transformation not dissimilar to the one Ogre underwent just a few moments ago. In this new form, Jin completely dominates Heihachi.

At his mercy, Heihachi taunts him by saying that a true Mishima would go ahead and kill him. But Jin doesn’t want to be anything like his grandfather.

Even in this devil form, he is able to restrain himself from murdering his grandfather, choosing to only knock him out.

As his friends look at him in horror, they realise Jin isn’t the same person they know anymore. He realises this as well and flies away into the sky.

At the end of the season, as Jin takes flight, the moon turns red, signifying his transformation into a full-fledged demon, which was what Jin had set out to fight against in the first place.

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