Slotherhouse summary and ending explained

In Slotherhouse, Emily brings a sloth to her sorority, unaware that the sloth is unlike any other sloth in the world. The movie is now streaming on Hulu.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Emily dreams of becoming the House President of her sorority someday. However, with Brianna still there, there is no chance that this dream of hers will ever come true. Brianna is the most popular girl in her sorority, with a following so huge that girls tolerate her and aspire to be like her.

Even though Emily’s best friend, Madison, claims that it’s okay to not be the House President or popular as long as one has friends, Emily desires to follow in the footsteps of her mother, who was the president of this sorority back in the day.

At the mall, Emily saves a dog, and Oliver, an exotic animal seller, assumes that Emily is a dog lover. Oliver pitches that she should take this dog home, but Emily can’t have a dog at her sorority.

Emily follows Oliver’s account and notices a video of a cute sloth. Oliver says sloths make great pets, and nowadays having an amazing pet helps people boast their social media numbers. Oliver gives Emily his card in case she thinks of adopting a pet.

The sorority house mother, Ms. Mayflower, tells Emily how they need a kind house president like Emily’s mother. Emily fears that all the girls will turn on her if she goes up against Brianna, but Ms. Mayflower convinces her to at least try; sometimes one spark that sets one apart can help them.

Emily takes Ms. Mayflower’s advice and texts Oliver, showing interest in buying the sloth. That night, the sloth, who needs to be drugged from time to time, kills Oliver. The next day, when Emily arrives at Oliver’s, she finds him missing.

However, Emily meets the sloth she wants. After hearing the roar of another animal inside, she escapes with the sloth. When she returns to the sorority, heads turn toward her. Everyone wants to pet the sloth that Emily has.

Emily introduces the sloth as their new house mascot so that she can be allowed to keep her here, as per the rules. Emily also announces that she will be running for House President.

Only Madison is against keeping the sloth here, considering that it is a wild animal. Emily doesn’t know how to take care of this animal and probably brought it from a poacher’s house.

Emily doesn’t listen to Madison as she gets lost in the popularity that she has received. Her social media following is now skyrocketing, all thanks to this sloth that she names Alpha.

Alpha uses Emily’s laptop and learns that she knew Oliver. This makes Alpha mad. Brianna, on the other hand, tasks her friend, Sarah, to get rid of Alpha, who is costing her chances of becoming house president.

Sarah fails to get rid of Alpha. Instead, Alpha drugs Sarah and kills her. Over the course of the next 14 days, Alpha becomes more like a family to the girls in the sorority while he keeps killing some of them in secret.

Madison soon picks Alpha up to take her back to where she belongs. Emily tries to stop her, and right in front of Emily, Alpha, smartly, plots Madison’s accident by throwing her phone away. Madison is hit by a truck while she is picking up her phone and finds herself in the hospital.

In the hospital, Emily apologizes to Madison and confesses that, unlike Madison, she has never known what she wants to do or where she plans to end up; she just wanted this last year of theirs to be great, and hence, she desired to be the house president.

Emily doesn’t want to lose her true friends in the process, so she agrees that she should take Alpha to a sanctuary. The time is running out for Emily as the elections will begin soon. Madison encourages Emily to go back to contest it.

While Emily wins the election, Alpha drives to the hospital to finish the job. He turns off the machines supporting Madison and leaves after taking a picture with her.

Back at the sorority, just when Brianna discovers the dead bodies of her friends, Alpha returns and attacks her. Emily comes to Brianna’s rescue and realizes that her pet is a serial killer.

Slotherhouse ending explained in detail:

Is Madison dead?

Emily tries to battle Alpha, who kills anyone she sees in sight. Emily grabs the gun Dakota has but loses it eventually. Only Ms. Mayflower comes close to getting the best of Alpha, but even she is killed by the sloth soon.

Emily’s boyfriend, Tyler, sees Alpha’s photos with her victims on social media. He arrives at the sorority to rescue his girlfriend. Zenny, another member of the sorority, shows up well-prepared too.

The three rescue Brianna, and at the very last moment, Madison arrives and shoots Alpha down. It turns out that Madison managed to survive Alpha’s attack.

Does Emily kill Alpha?

Alpha survives Madison’s gunshot. Emily and her friends have an opening to escape, but Brianna is left behind. Emily stays and plans to bring Brianna back with her.

Emily faces a smart Alpha head-on and kills her with the crown meant for the house president. She then picks up the gun to finish the job. She watches Alpha die after another gunshot. Alpha longs for her home as she stares at a picture of Panama before passing away.

What happens to Emily and her friends?

A year later, Emily, Madison, and Zenny are spreading awareness about animal poaching and the dangers of taking animals out of their natural habitat. They are now popularly known as sisters from the Slotherhouse.

Brianna is still popular and friends with Emily, who is no longer chasing more followers. In Panama, a tour guide is conducting a tour when a little girl attempts to take a picture with a sloth. The movie never reveals if there are more sloths like Alpha.

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