Santo ending explained: Who is Santo?

Santo follows Officer Millan and an undercover cop working together to take down a drug lord, whose face has never been revealed. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

Officer Miguel Millan was working on the case of Cristobal Martinez, who was shot by two men on motorcycles. They left his body burning while they took his son away.

While putting the pieces of the same case together, Millan believed the guy who rented these bikes was on Santo’s payroll, the drug lord, who is also sort of a guru and is now in Madrid.

Following the lead he had, Millan and his team came across a warehouse where they found an undercover cop named Cardona.

Unfortunately, Cardona struggles to remember how he ended up there and how he got cross marks on his eyelids. He revealed that he is a Brazilian cop and that he came to Madrid with Bárbara Azevedo, Santo’s mistress.

Although Cardona doesn’t remember much about what happened to him, he does remember working for Santo and how, as an undercover cop, he got close to Barbara.

After Cardona left that mission, Barbara contacted the cops, asking for help. The cops rescued her from one of Santo’s hideouts, but on the flip side, Santo’s people killed Cardona’s love, Vera.

Barbara believed that Santo is coming for her, so Cardona took her to Madrid. They stayed with one of Cardona’s friends, but eventually, Santo’s people arrived there as well when Barbara sent them their location.

Barbara never explained why she did this, and following that, she and Cardona were forced to take part in occult practices, and that’s how Cardona ended up in that cell.

Barbara later sends a secret message to Cardona with his necklace in the envelope. He rescues her, but at the same time, Millan’s team was keeping a watch on them. Once Cardona and Barbara were about to leave, they arrested them.

Before the arrest, Barbara gave Cardona a drive full of videos where he sees himself as a part of Santo’s occult practices at the same place where Millan found him earlier.

As this case goes on, Millan is also taking cover after Cristobal Martinez’s death. He tries not to involve his partner, Susi, who finds out that Cristobal received calls from the area Millan lives in.

Santo ending explained in detail:

How is Millan connected to Cristobal Martinez’s death?

Millan was working for Cristobal Martinez. He helped him carry out his criminal activities. Apart from working for Martinez, Millan was also having an affair with his wife.

One day, Martinez’s son saw his mother kissing Millan. He told his father the same, and Martinez decided to go out and confront Millan. It was the same day, the two guys on motorcycles came and took out Martinez.

Millan was safe from Martinez but had to cover himself up after his death. Millan’s partner, Susi, was taking note of Millan’s erratic behavior.

The station found out that Millan threatened the owner of the motorcycles from giving away anything about the Norwegians who rented those bikes that were used to kill Cristobal Martinez.

The disciplinary committee opened an investigation on Millan and taped into police cars to listen to every conversation Millan had. Internal Affairs later raided Millan’s house and found money in his basement. Thus, the station had no choice but to suspend Millan.

Who gave Milan up?

Santo’s men were not ready to let go of Cardona and Barbara easily. They tracked down Cardona, who was under police protection. Cardona managed to escape and broke Barbara out of the hospital.

With Millan out, Susi led the case and tracked down the couple. Cardona and Barbara escaped from her too and the former met Millan and told him where he could find Santo.

Barbara gave him this information on the basis of where Santo kept her. If Millan fails to find him in time, the kids Santo has kidnapped will die. A suspended Millan tried to convince the police force, but a fraud call misled them.

Millan later met Maria, Cristobal’s wife who reveals that it was Chinche who gave Milan up. He is the reason Internal Affairs searched for Millan’s house.

With no one on his side, Millan decided to go out on his own to catch Santo, only to be kidnapped by Santo’s men.

Who is Santo?

Cardona soon started seeing through Barbara’s lies and followed her with his friend Paulo. Meanwhile, Chinche gets killed, and Susi follows a CCTV camera to locate the people behind it.

It leads her to the same place where Barbara is keeping Millan. Cardona’s friend gets killed while Cardona is forced to see a ritual performed by Barbara.

Susi’s team intervenes, and together they save the kids. Cardona finds a drugged Millan confronting Barbara.

Millan questions Santo’s whereabouts, and Barbara reveals herself as Santo. Cardona saves Barbara from Millan’s bullet, which gives her an opening to escape.

The show closes with Cardona disappearing and Millan waking up in a hospital to see a video on his phone where Barbara has kidnapped his daughter and killed her boyfriend.

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