Rebel Cheer Squad ending explained: Who is X?

Netflix’s Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Series is a British teen drama and thriller in which a trio of cheerleaders at a posh private school revive their former classmates’ anti-bullying club, and team up to fight injustice.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Best friends Clara, Grace, and Rumi go to Bannerman Independent School. Clara and her sister Leila are on the cheer team and their father is the coach. Grace is running for president and her main agenda is to solve the problem of bullying that is rampant in their school. Rumi is a ballet dancer and is applying to the best ballet schools in the country.

Because of mean bullies at Bannerman as well as the lack of responsibility on the school’s part, the three girls decide to take matters into their own hands and restart DGM (or Don’t Get Mad), a secret group that was once active in fighting bullying at Bannerman many years ago.

The first problem is when May leaves the school after receiving hurtful notes in her school locker left anonymously. DGM through genius schemes finds out that it is May’s friend Viola who is bullying May and Mouse. So, they secretly record Viola’s behaviour towards Mouse and release the video online. Viola gets suspended. But the bullying doesn’t stop.

This mysterious bully—or X, as DGM has named them—starts leaving more notes in students’ lockers. First, Leila gets a warning not to perform at the next cheer event and when she ignores the warning, she faints during the performance and injures her ankle. At first, DGM thinks it’s Viola’s boyfriend Reece who is X but then Evan, Reece’s friend also receives a similar note in his locker. When Evan ignores the note, the whole rugby team of which Reece and Evan are a part of gets drenched in goo.

Meanwhile, Rumi gets accepted from the Royal Ballet School but lies to everyone by telling that she didn’t get in. Only Jess, a girl Rumi likes, knows about it, who gets upset about Rumi’s lying behaviour. The next day, someone anonymously reveals Rumi’s secret to the whole school. Clara and Grace suspect Jess to be X. But Jess turns out innocent when her cello performance is ruined by a message from X.

Their next suspect is Miles, who starts running for president to spite Grace after they have a fight. To find evidence, DGM uses Mouse to find intel on Miles but it turns out that Miles is innocent too because Mouse is X. All this while it was Mouse who was secretly terrorizing the whole school as a form of revenge from Bannerman who had framed her older brother for murder a couple of years ago. But when DGM goes to her house to find proof of her guilt, they find that she has got rid of everything suspicious. So, they decide to approach Mouse’s brother and request him to talk some sense into her but it is to no avail.

Meanwhile, Mouse frames the cheer coach for using performance-enhancing drugs which disqualifies Bannerman from participating in the cheer competition. Later, it is revealed that as a desperate measure, Clara had slipped a recording device into a bag that belonged to Mouse’s brother which captures Mouse’s confession of all her antics at school. This clears Bannerman’s reputation and they not only get to perform but also end up winning the competition.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Rebel Cheer Squad ending explained in detail:

Who is X?

Mouse, the girl who was being bullied by Viola, is X, the person behind all the incidents and mishappenings at school. Bannerman is notorious for its bullying problem and lack of accountability.

Mouse’s older brother used to be a student at Bannerman. After a tragic incident, he was used as a scapegoat by the authorities to save face and he was framed for murder for which he went to jail.

Mouse’s actions are a form of revenge for her brother. Her aim was to tarnish Bannerman’s reputation which they valued more than their students’ safety. So, she drugged Leila at the cheer event, messed with Reece before the rugby game, and disrupted Jess’ performance, all of which were inter-school events.

Does Rumi go to ballet school?

Rumi has been applying to all of the country’s best ballet schools. Her parents assume that Rumi is passionate about ballet but she has only been going along with whatever her parents suggested.

She gets accepted to the Royal Ballet School but tells everyone that she didn’t get in. Jess helps her realise what she is doing and how important it is for her to assertively tell her parents what she wants.

When Rumi tells her parents the truth, they are very supportive and accommodating. In the end, Rumi decides not to pursue ballet.

What happens with Clara and Grace?

Clara’s father, touched by his youngest daughter’s concern and determination to clear his name, has a heart-to-heart conversation with Clara. He communicates how much faith he has in her.

Leila and Clara come closer from going through a hard time together. Leila and the coach decide that it would be best for the team if Clara and Leila both act as flyers for the cheer team and Clara gets what she deserves as a talented cheerleader.

Disappointed in Bannerman’s staff, Grace decides to leave the presidential race. Miles realises his mistake and apologizes to Grace. Evan and Grace reveal their true feelings to each other and share a passionate kiss.

All three friends, Clara, Grace and Rumi realise how important DGM is for the students of Bannerman and decide to continue with it.

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