Don’t Blame Karma! ending explained: Do Sara and Aaron end up together?

Don’t Blame Karma! is a Spanish comedy about Sara who believes she has bad karma as a result of her sister Lucy’s apparent curse. Her misfortunes are put to a test when Lucy gets engaged to Sara’s high school crush. The movie is now streaming on Netflix

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

During her perfect sister Lucy’s birthday, Sara decides to blow out the candles and ends up getting cursed by her sister. Lucy’s curse stipulates that all of Sara’s wishes become hers now.

Tired of her misfortunes and stark personality differences, Sara changes schools.

She befriends Aaron, who instantly connects with her and ends up being her best friend. Sara also has a crush on him but does not confess to it. 

They also support each other’s interests and spend time together dyeing clothes on the beach and attending concerts.

Aaron goes on to become a successful singer and Lucy becomes a supermodel and influencer. Sara runs a souvenir store out of her grandmother’s house, which also serves as her residence in Merida.

The family reunites in Merida, where Lucy announces that she is engaged, and her mom reveals her decision to have an open marriage and date Hans- a Swiss model she met online.

Lucy’s fiance turns out to be Aaron, who joins the family the next day for the celebration. Taken aback at first, Sara and Aaron connect again and spend time with one another.

Lucy and Aaron prepare for Fashion Fest (a popular event held in the city). Sara’s assistant also insists that she participate in the event and showcase her unique collection of cyanotype prints.

Upon seeing her designs, Lucy encourages Sara to participate and introduces her to a famous designer who can showcase her collection at the fest.

Impressed by the clothes, the designer invites Sara to present her designs at the fest. Though she initially rejects the offer, Aaron convinces her to participate in the event, while reminiscing about their high school memories.

Sara is also assigned with designing Lucy’s wedding gown. With many things on her plate, Sara fails to develop good prints on the clothes at first. 

Lucy doubts getting married to Aaron as they have just been together for a few months. Aaron continues to work on his album and writes a song about Sara that he dedicates to Lucy.

In an attempt to cheer up Sara, Aaron takes her to the beach to create Flamingo prints on her fabrics, something they did together as teenagers. He admits to Sara that his new song is about her.

Sara tries to avoid Aaron and spends time with Roberto- her boyfriend, who surprises her by coming to Merida. 

Roberto also announces that he’ll be moving there to be with her. At the Fashion Fest, her collection results in a hit, and everyone celebrates after.

Distracted by Aaron, Sara subtly tries to end things with Roberto. He understands the situation and they have an amicable breakup.

Don’t Blame Karma! ending explained in detail:

What happens to Sara and Aaron? Do they get together?

Looking at her parents, Lucy realizes that she is not in love with Arron and confronts him about it. They mutually agree that they don’t like each other’s lifestyle and choices, and simply don’t know each other enough to get married. The wedding is hence called off. 

Sara converses with Lucy about her bad karma and the supposed curse, Lucy convinces Sara that it was all her own doing, and had nothing to do with a curse.

In addition, she encourages Sara to confidently pursue her wants. Elated, Sara runs to Aaron as he leaves the wedding venue. She hugs him and says that they would get in touch soon, hinting at a possible romance.

What is the deal with Hans?

Much to the dad’s surprise, the swiss model that Sara, and Lucy’s mom met online and decided to date, shows up at the hotel.

Hans is revealed to be a pawn in Sara and Lucy’s mother’s plan to get her husband to pay more attention in their marriage and make a better effort. Everyone is pleased by the outcome

What happens with Lucy after the wedding?

Right before the wedding, supermodel Lucy, asks Sara to be her official designer for a work trip to Milan. Lucy approaches Sara with the request as her talent in fashion designing and artistry was on par with the top designers in the world.

The bond between the two sisters grows, thanks to the ordeal that they went through.

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