Are Puleng and KB back together in Blood & Water season 4?

Puleng and KB have been a fan-favorite couple ever since the first season of hit teen drama, Blood & Water. Season 4 ends with some hope for them as a couple.

Puleng parted ways romantically with Wade after things just didn’t work out for them in season 3. Wade stepped up and broke things himself. 

Season 4 opens with Puleng reeling from the trauma of all that has happened to her for the past few years. 

She soon finds some reprieve from the woes in the form of the new exchange student at Parkhurst, Iván. 

Iván the Brazilian

She is boozed out of her mind and irritable at Chris’s party when she first stumbles upon Iván. 

His accent makes her reconsider her initial dismissal of him, and she gets a good look.

Iván is from Brazil and the two soon get talking and find that they’re alike in terms of the energy they bring to a room.

Sparks take no time to fly and Puleng initiates the intimacy, as the two get kissing and snuggling, before things get steamiest and the two have sex. 

Unfortunately, a girl blackmailed to record Puleng whenever she ends up doing something “bad,” records the two having sex. 

Navigating the sex tape scandal

The sex tape finds its way to an anonymous hacker who is determined to take revenge upon Fiks, and by extension, ruin Puleng’s life too. 

Lest she risk the sex tape getting leaked, she must do this anonymous guy’s bidding. 

However, Fiks suggests the best thing Puleng can do is show her mother the video before she happens upon it. 

In the meantime, her relationship with Iván remains the same. The two have no confusion about the nature of their relationship. 

The nature of things

It’s seduction and it’s casual, as they frequently sleep with each other. 

Amid all the high-stakes situations and stressful developments, Iván offers some well-needed levity as well as quality time to Puleng. 

Puleng and Iván Blood & Water season 4
Puleng and Iván spend quality time together

Even though she knows it’s nothing serious with him, Puleng is more than satisfied with the sexual relationship she shares with Iván. 

That’s until the video is shown to her mother and eventually, it is leaked to the school. 

That changes things and before Iván leaves Cape Town for good, they hook up in a pool, for the last time. 

That’s that and after that comes a whole lot of troubles for Puleng, who has to contend with kidnappings and more traumatic encounters, as well as heartbreaks. 

KB re-enters the frame

After all is over and done with, she relaxes a bit and KB meets her at school. He asks her how she is and assures her he’s there for her no matter what. 

KB reassures her of his presence and helping hand a couple of times in Blood & Water season 4. 

In the finale, after the traumatic things are over, KB and Puleng almost kiss at the school. They steal looks like they used to do before, full of affection and attraction. 

Are KB and Puleng together?

In the epilogue, Puleng has moved to Johannesburg with her family and is shown knocking at KB’s door, gathering up the courage to do so.

KB greets her and the two smile away the tension and awkwardness their history brings to this situation. 

Before much else can transpire, Blood & Water season 4 rolls the credits. 

So they’re not officially together just yet, but when season 5 rolls, their chances of getting back together are looking the strongest. 

Whether they end up as the endgame couple or not is only up for time and the makers of the show to tell.

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