Damian: Blood & Water season 4 character explained

Damian is the primary antagonist for the majority of Blood & Water season 4. Damien Wantenaar plays the character in the show.

Blood & Water season 4 follows Puleng and Fiks as a wedge is driven between them after an anonymous blackmailer begins to torment both of them.

The incident

Damian was a student at Parkhurst High and a victim of frequent, severe bullying. Nobody ever really did anything to stop it, including Fiks, who he had a major crush on.

As per a disturbing tradition, new swimmers were subjected to hazing by senior members of the swimming team. This year it was Damian’s turn.

Gregory Dickson, the swimming team captain, wanted to subject Damian to the hazing so he asked Fiks to invite him to the pool on the day.

He knew that Damian had a thing for Fiks and would oblige if she invited him. Fiks was reluctant but she ended up inviting him.

She drank with him by the poolside before Gregory and his pals arrived. They immediately threw Damian into the pool and sent Fiks to get them some more liquor.

They continued to haze him even as Fiks asked them to stop.

When Damian spat at Gregory in retaliation, he dragged him back into the pool and in a fit of rage, drowned him before fleeing the scene.

Fiks remained and performed CPR. Due to suffering from a stroke while drowning, Damian was hospitalized and in bad condition for a long time.

The aftermath

Gregory had an alibi and he and his friends all lawyered up really quickly. Damian’s accusations didn’t hold much ground and when it came to Fiks, she opted to not tell the truth.

Matla had asked her to not tell her father about it and just deny having seen anything. She visited Principal Daniels with her father and finally said that she didn’t see anything.

She was asked to do the right thing by her father and by the father of Damian as well, but she hesitated to tell the truth and it cost the victim a whole lot of extra suffering.

Damian was expelled as a reason and his father spent a lot of time with his night shifts, which led to him contracting Type-2 Diabetes.

Damian's father Blood & Water season 4
Damian’s father sitting beside him at the hospital

Between homeschooling and recovery, his dad went into deep debt, so he worked even harder than usual until the stress caught up to him.

That is why they took a settlement from Gregory, but irreparable damage was already done to Damian, his dad, and their lives.

The revenge

Damian sought revenge so he worked on it and amassed not just the equipment to become a great hacker but also hired muscle.

As PoolBoy, he began blackmailing Puleng, the sister who sacrificed so much and did so much to save Fiks.

When he learned about her he wanted her in the mess and wanted to rope her in to make Fiks suffer more.

He first catfished Leigh-Anne, the gossip queen of Parkhurst, and procured her nudes that he threatened to leak if she didn’t do what he told her to do.

What he wants from her is to follow Puleng and record her doing anything bad. That’s what Leigh-Anne does when she records Puleng and Ivan having sex at Chris’s party.

Even though she doesn’t send him the video, he gets it because he has access to her phone. He then blackmails Puleng and threatens to leak her sex tape.

To prevent that and to find out what’s going on, Puleng must find out who Gregory Dickson is. He soon starts threatening Fiks too.

Fiks doesn’t want anyone to find out about the incident as she learns that she can still be sent to prison because she can be considered an accessory after the fact.

So she does something drastic by leaking Puleng’s sex tape to the school’s magazine website, in a bid to stop Puleng from continuing her investigations into Gregory and buy herself more time.

When Puleng’s video goes out and she’s already shown it to her mother, she stops entertaining PoolBoy, who finally takes the next big step by getting Fiks kidnapped.

The kidnapping

He ties her up and keeps her captive inside the now-closed pool and clubhouse building where he was drowned. He live streams a video and makes Fiks confess what happened years ago.

Meanwhile, he tells Puleng to bring him Gregory if she wants to save Fiks.

In the Blood & Water season 4 finale, with the help of Wade, Sam, and Asanda, Puleng manages to kidnap Gregory and take him to the location before getting kidnapped herself by Damian’s people too.

However, Detective Peterson and the police also catch up to them and arrive at the location. Damian asks to send Puleng and Gregory inside but Peterson can’t do that.

However, Puleng manages to convince Gregory to go in and confront Damian, who tries to tie both of them up and seemingly is about to kill them.

However, that’s not really Damian and he can’t go through with it. Gregory apologizes and pees in his pants out of fear, before fighting Damiana and running outside.

Damian finally brings Puleng and Fiks outside as well and goes to kill himself when an arrest is inevitable.

However, Fiks and Puleng talk him out of it and persuade him to drop the gun and give life a chance. He’s shortly arrested and the sisters return to safety.

However, Fiks is taken to the station for her involvement in an alleged attempted murder case.

However, after Gregory comes clean and reveals Fiks was never a part of his plan, she’s let go and charges against her are dropped.

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