Big Mouth season 7 summary and ending explained

Big Mouth season 7 follows the kids of Bridgeton Middle School as they get set for the jump to high school and new social situations. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary:

It is a few weeks before graduation and the children at Bridgeton Middle School are traveling to Bridgeton High to get an idea about the place they will be studying next.

Andrew wants to reinvent himself as someone who isn’t considered a creep but has a tough time holding onto that aspiration. Nick isn’t too worried because his older sister Leah will be around, but he realizes that her friends only treat him as a child.

During a food fight, Andrew is knocked over and accidentally gropes a girl affectionately called Timon. Her boyfriend, Pumbaa, promises the beat Andrew up on the first day of high school.

They arrive at the school and are given buddies to get a tour of the place. Jessi and Lulu are stuck with Lulu, a burnout who doesn’t care about school. When Jessi doesn’t agree with Lulu’s behavior, she becomes the subject of Lulu’s rage.

Mathew learns about the school’s queer choir and leaves Caleb behind so that he can chase after his dreams. Missy and Elijah worry about their relationship after they see that high school is filled with horndogs who always like to get it on.

When Andrew hurts his epididymis while trying to masturbate, he is asked not to masturbate for at least 3 weeks. Maury still makes him do it, but he soon realizes that everything improves within him when he doesn’t beat the stick.

That is when he is visited by Petra, who seeks to drive his ambition to the highest of heights. However, he is allowed to masturbate after 3 weeks and gives in to the urges very quickly.

Jessi makes Caitlin uncomfortable by staring at her breasts while Caitlin feeds Delilah. Elijah decides to try out masturbating and goes to Reddit for help. He shows Missy the Reddit threads as well and she understands him a little better.

Jessi gets some attention from Leah and then tries to copy her style completely so that she can continue to hang out. Andrew and Nick sneak into Judd’s car while he’s going to Brooklyn to get some drugs, and their mothers have to come pick them up.

Elijah gets into a different school and he and Missy promise to write letters to each other. Andrew is taken to a private school because his mother wants him to buckle up, and he meets an older girl named Danni there and immediately hits it off with her.

Jessi eventually peels through Lulu’s tough exterior and learns that they are so much more alike. Lola starts dating Kurt, much to Jay’s annoyance. He is also worried about graduating and has to attend summer school.

During the field trip, he discovered vocational school and realizes that he would fit right in over there. Andrew gets a few more opportunities to seem cool in front of a pretty girl but he crashes and burns both times.

Connie teaches Maury that people all around the world go through puberty. Coach Steve goes through a bit of a crisis when he finds out that all the kids will be moving on to high school.

At a party, Nick and Danni make out but it is too awkward and she begins ignoring him. Mathew helps Caleb find a new backpack for high school, and Caleb returns the favour with valuable fashion advice.

Big Mouth season 7 ending explained in detail:

What happens to Andrew?

Andrew is terrified of his first day of school because Pumbaa is going to beat him up. Jessi tells him that he should just apologize to Timon but he goes with terrible advice from Judd to stick a finger up Pumbaa’s butt.

Andrew is visited by his future self who wants to fix their life so they keep traveling to the past and taking more Andrews along for the ride. In the end, present Andrew realizes that he should just do the right thing.

While she does feel better after his apology, Pumbaa still beats up Andrew to a pulp.

Does Jessi find her crew?

Jessi hangs out with Lola and her friends, but soon discovers that they’re all very basic. She goes over to the stoner kids where Lulu is hanging out and figures that she has more in common with them.

Leah tries to discourage her but there is no changing her mind after she gets high with her new friends.

Does Missy overcome her fears?

Missy becomes terrified of going to high school because Elijah won’t be there with her. Her anxiety turns into dread and she pretends to be sick on the first day of school.

Her father sees through her lie and takes her to the doctor where she stands by her admission. She finally breaks and tells her parents that she doesn’t want to go to high school.

Her father agrees and decides to homeschool her for the next year.

Does Nick have fun at the new school?

Nick tries to talk to Danni and her friends on his first day at the new school but she still feels awkward about their make out and tells him that she cannot talk to him anymore.

He feels very lonely when the school librarian shows up and takes him to the sad boys club who pamper the old woman constantly. He meets another kid named Andrew and becomes friends with him instantly.

When Andrew G. visits Nick, he sees the other Andrew and the two of them have a face off.

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