Paul & Micah’s split in Love Is Blind explained

Paul and Micah go through the ups and downs in their romantic relationship on Love Is Blind season 4, and while all seems to be relatively ok betwen them, the finale of their arc comes as quite a shocker and a heartbreak.

Paul Peden, 29, is an environmental scientist, and Micah Lussier, a 27-year-old marketing manager, come together as one of the many couples in Love Is Blind season 4, and after their trials and tribulations, which are considerably lower than some of the other dramatic couples, they arrive at the big day when they must give their answers to the big question of marriage and prove if love truly is blind or not.

The relationship recap

Love Is Blind season 4 commences, and among all the new bondings and budding relationships, Micah and Paul emerge as one of the most promising couples.

There’s instant chemistry and after leaving the third vertex of the love triangle, Kwame, behind, Paul proposes and Micah accepts. The two get engaged and have a great stay at the Mexican resort.

Micah does meet Kwame and spends suspiciously close moments but remains committed to her relationship with Paul sincerely. Meanwhile, her LIB best friend, Irina eyes Peden with some romantic intent, but that doesn’t evolve into anything as Micah confronts her about it. They also don’t seem to be sharing many intimate moments with each other, even if their verbal chemistry seems on point.

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Paul & Micah Love Is Blind season 4
Image source: Netflix

Their relationship suffers some hitches and setbacks when Micah’s best friend Shelby disapproves of Paul rather strongly.

Another point of contention between the two arrives when it comes to moving in together and the logistics that will be involved in it. Both Paul and Micah are a bit inflexible on what they are capable and incapable of offering there.

However, Paul works on rekindling their relationship and takes Micah on dates, one of which involves them forging their weddings rings together. And then arrives the big day.

The wedding woes

In Love Is Blind season 4 finale, before walking to the altar, Paul is in one of his brainy frames of mind. He’s analysing and dissecting his decision and the prospect of marriage. He doesn’t not want to get married but weighing his options is making him second guess.

His friends and family ease his heart and reassure him that it would turn out well when he takes his heart take over. However, Paul is consumed by anxieties that stem from the uncertainty of his choice.

At the wedding, Micah flips the script and hands over the opportunity to Paul to speak his mind and give his answer before herself. He professes his love for her, which is every bit sincere and heartwarming, but he follows it up with the revelation that he won’t be saying yes to the wedding.

Even though he claims he loves her, Paul believes they’re not yet ready to choose each other and go ahead with such a big decision. He believes it’s still too early and that saying no now would be good for both of them, but Micah can’t make herself stay at the altar any longer and as she breaks out in tears, she walks off the venue.

He goes to console her again but Micah asks him to leave her alone, before her mother and friends come to console her. He speaks to the camera about how devastating this decision has been for him, and how he feels broken into numerous pieces.

He also shares some key things that pushed him to make this decision. Paul reveals that he has felt his love was not properly reciprocated by Micah, which he believes might have stemmed from the mutual uncertainties that they both inspire in each other that hold them back from expressing love.

Paul also says that when considering a family, he doesn’t see a motherly instinct in Micah and deems her unfit to be one right now. While Micah’s mother eases her down saying how Paul has committed such a foolish act, Paul’s family consoles him, saying he made the right decision by doing right by himself.

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