Josh’s return in Love Is Blind season 4 explained

Josh serves as the most unstable part of Jackelina and Marshall’s arc thus far in Love Is Blind season 4. The frenetic force for discord and dysfunction recently returned to the fray with an explosive arrival.

Josh Demas is one of the people looking to prove that love is truly blind in the eponymously titled reality show. A confidence start to his journey, Demas goes on to become quite a character as the show moves forward.

A potential suitor

During the pod dating, Jackelina is attracted to two men behind the wall. These are the rambuctious Josh and the quieter, more introverted Marshall.

Whereas Josh’s personality traits are quite similar to those of Jackelina’s, Marshall is quite the opposite. She admits her inner conflict regarding the two and the difficulty choosing between the two comes with.

It’s a pretty close game too, as Marshall opens his heart out and shares some of the deepest moments with Jackelina, allowing her to open up in a way she admits she rarely does. Despite that, Josh is still quite her speed and choosing him would be easily the safer option.

An unreasonable rival

Jackelina’s ultimate decision relies on the rather immature acts that Josh performs, while Marshall remains consistent and stable with whatever he has to offer.

As Marhall bares it all and proposes to Jackelina, she has to tearfully give him an answer both of them dread equally. The cause of her added conflict is Josh, who gives Jackelina an ultimatum that she choose him, or that’ll be the end of his journey on the show.

Jackelina Love Is Blind season 4
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Jackelina can’t handle causing someone else’s loss weighing on her conscience, and she explains her dilemma to Marshall, who’s furious upon learning that and confronts Josh.

The next day, Jackelina makes her decision and goes with Marshall, realizing the problematic pressure that Josh levied on her conscience, distracting her from choosing with a free conscience.

The pot-stirrer returns

After getting enaged, Marshall and Jackelina are on solid terms, and as they head off to the luxurious resort in Mexico, things seem to be going really nice for them. However, they start falling out as Jackelina’s anxieties and hesitations keep flaring up.

Despite Marshall’s persistent efforts at saving their relationship, Jackelina’s lack of them widens the rift between the two more and more. In episode 8 of Love Is Blind season 4, they’re at the most fragile point of their relationship.

That’s when Josh returns to the show, surprising everyone at Chelsea’s birthday party. In a drunken sort of stupor, he greets Marshall with a jolt, immediately throwing him off balance with the extreme invasion of personal space.

He catches everyone else’s sideyes as they all want nothing to do with him. However, he manages to make his way through to Jackelina, who entertains him, as he tries to tell her that she should pick him if things go awry with Marshall. In response, Jackelina doesn’t shut him down but praises him for being real with her, indicating that the pot has indeed been stirred and he’s here to stir it furthermore.

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