Who is Park Jae-sang? Little Women character explained

Park Jae-sang is a prominent individual and the primary antagonist in Little Women as he is involved in criminal activity that the three sisters also find themselves entangled in.

Oh In-joo, Oh In-kyung and Oh In-hye are all connected to Park Jae-sang in some way or the other and their proximity to him puts them in serious danger.

Investigating his character

In-kyung’s news station takes a special interest in Park Jae-sang when he appears on television visiting a man who was wrongly imprisoned by his father-in-law, General Won Gi-seon. In-kyung believes that Jae-sang is not being authentic and is hiding something.

She investigates his involvement in the Bobae Savings Bank case and finds out that Park Jae-sang represented 4 people who all need up committing suicide. She also finds a link between his family and a lot of missing money but doesn’t have concrete proof.

Who is Park Jae-sang? Little Women character explained 1
Oh In-kyung comes face to face with Park Jae-sang at a public event.

She tries to confront him about it but her alcoholism ruins her image in public and she’s given a suspension from work. She still investigates him and gets her hands on CCTV footage showing him meeting one of the suicide victims shortly before his death.

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The hidden money

In-joo works at the Wyonrong group that was started by the general. She worked there with Jin Hwa-young and she finds out about the slush funds and evidence of embezzlement that the company is involved in after Hwa-young’s death.

Who is Park Jae-sang? Little Women character explained 2
Oh-joo meets Won Sang-woo who tells her about the dirty money.

In-joo meets with Won Sang-woo who is in a psychiatric hospital. He tells her that he found out about the corruption himself but when he tried to sue his father, he lost and was sent to the hospital as a punishment.

Cha Do-il later tells In-joo that Won Sang-woo lost a power struggle with his brother-in-law, Park Jae-sang for the general’s company. Park Jae-sang used the resources he got to build an empire and is now going into politics, running for mayor of Seoul.

Dividing a family

Park Jae-sang’s daughter, Park Hyo-rin studies with Oh In-hye. He and his wife take advantage of In-hye’s circumstances and her superior ability as an artist to improve their own daughter’s work.

They offer her money and a chance to study at a prestigious school in Boston if she continues to stay friends with Hyo-rin and help her with her painting.

Even though In-joo and In-kyung want to help their younger sister, In-hye wants to do things by herself and not see her sisters break their backs and go to any lengths for her sake.

Who is Park Jae-sang? Little Women character explained 3
Park Jae-sang tries to influence Oh In-hye in a bad way.

One day while she’s staying at Park Jae-sang’s house, she runs into him and he tells her how he was the general’s driver’s son and grew up with Won Sang-woo and Won Sang-ah. As he grew up, he proved to the general his usefulness and loyalty and managed to oust the general’s own son to get where he is.

He asks In-hye if she’s willing to do the same thing, sowing the seeds of betrayal among the sisters.

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