Little Women season 1 episode 3 recap & review

Episode 3 of Little Women follows In-joo as she tries to decide what to do with the 2 billion won that Hwa-young gave her, In-kyung learns more about the mystery behind the suicides and In-hye grows further apart from her sisters. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


In-kyung confronts In-hye about passing off her painting as Hyo-rin’s painting. In-hye says that she’s willing to sell her soul if it means not struggling like her older sisters. In-kyung wants to go home with her but In-hye says that she has other plans.

In-joo calls the ambulance and tries to save director Shin but she fails. Mr. Choi shows up at the hospital and admits that he knows In-joo has the 2 billion won but he agrees to keep quiet about it. He does warn her to be more careful about what she’s digging into.

In-kyung finds out that In-hye has gone to Park Jae-sang’s house for a party in Hyo-rin’s name so she goes there too but is thrown out by security. In-kyung gets drunk and makes a scene, embarrassing her younger sister.

While tending to the flowers, In-joo sees that the Princess flower has finally bloomed. She also remembers that Hwa-young had requested her to take the flower to the former CEO, Won Sang-woo.

She visits Sang-woo with the flower and the money she got and asks him for advice. He tells her how he noticed the corruption in the company and tried to speak out but was sent to the psychiatric hospital as punishment. He suggests that she spend the money to get rid of her anxiety.

In-kyung is threatened with a sacking after the scene she made at Park Jae-sang’s house. She spends time with Jong-ho to feel better. While she’s at his house, she gets a call from her old contact’s brother who gives her the CCTV footage of their uncle’s suicide.

She goes over it with Jong-ho and they find that the uncle held something in his hand and sniffed it before killing himself. He also received a visit from Park Jae-sang slightly prior.

Choi shows up at Sang-woo’s room and In-joo is forced to climb out the window to escape. Sang-woo also gave her the slush fund ledgers that everyone is searching for. Choi finds her phone in the room and sees her walking away.

He finds her waiting at the bus-stop and offers to drive her home. He tells her how Sang-woo lost a power struggle with his brother-in-law, Park Jae-sang in the case of his father, General Won Gi-seon’s estate.

He tells In-joo that she’s a key player in this game as long as she makes the right decisions and he offers to help her. He tells her to keep the ledgers safe because they’ll be more valuable as the election gets closer.

In-hye has been staying with Hyo-rin at Park Jae-sang’s house for a while now. She gets a chance to live the good life and experience it first hand. In-hye tells In-joo that she’ll be going to study in Boston with Hyo-rin and doesn’t want to see her sisters suffer for her sake.

In-kyung finds the blue orchid that Jong-ho picked up at her contacts accident site. She realises that it’s the same flower that is in the video of the suicide and they begin researching the flower.

In-joo visits Hyo-rin’s mother, Won Sang-ah, to pay her back for In-hye’s education in Boston. Sang-ah tells In-joo that her sister got in on scholarship but the money she brings raises doubt in Sang-ah’s mind so she asks someone to look into it.

In-joo goes for a yoga session and remembers a time when she was young and a small baby in their house wasn’t breathing so she and her mother rushed her to the hospital. In-kyung goes home and finds some of the money that In-joo had hidden there.

She tells In-joo that she refuses to spend any of the stolen money but In-joo tells her the story of how they had a sister other than In-hye who had died because they didn’t have the money for treatment. She says that she will spend the money with no regrets.

In-hye admires Park Jae-sang’s house and she runs into him. He tells her how he was the general’s drivers son but he proved his loyalty over Sang-woo which is why he’s living in that house now.

He asks In-hye if she’s willing to betray the person she loves the most in the world in order to get what she wants and she looks on with the struggle showing on her face.

In-joo visits their great-aunt and asks her to buy an apartment for them so that she can reduce some of the guilt she has because it is partly her fault that the baby died when they were young.


  • It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the three sisters struggle with their circumstances, especially someone as young as In-hye making difficult decisions to make sure her sisters don’t suffer.
  • There are a few light moments that land perfectly while not pulling away too much from the main tone of the episode.
  • The various plotlines of the three sisters are slowly starting to intersect and it will be interesting to see how they coincide with each other to form the main narrative.
  • The mystery of the blue orchid also seems to be going ahead with great intrigue. The suspense is building appropriately before the big reveal, whenever that may be.
Little Women season 1 episode 3
Little Women season 1 episode 3 recap & review 1

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