One More Time summary & ending explained

One More Time follows a 40-year-old Amelia getting transported back to her eighteenth birthday where she must live the same day over and over again until she finds a way to break the loop.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Amelia is a 40-year-old woman living life like a miser, even on her birthday. After running into Fiona, who used to be her best friend in childhood and shares the same birthday as her, she goes up to the spot where they’d once buried a time capsule containing their deepest desires.

When she tries to look at Fiona’s wishes, the paper flies away, prompting Amelia to chase after it, only to be abruptly hit by a passing truck. When she wakes up, she finds herself getting suprised by her parents, singing her “Happy Birthday” jubilantly.

She soon realizes that she’s travelled back in time to when she turned eighteen years old. She goes back to her school to find and delight in the popularity that she had, a hot boyfriend, and a carefree lifestyle.

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She also happens upon a young Fiona, who hangs out with her own circle of friends since Amelia ditched her to become more and more popular with the rest of the school, which was her wish from the beginning.

The next day, Amelia finds herself stuck in a loop that starts with her birthda, ends with it, and then starts again with it. Some thing or the other always goes wrong and Amelia doesn’t know what to do. One time, hanging out with Fiona gives Amelia an idea of defying the loop but it also proves to be a fail.

Amelia has a huge realization at the end and finds herself transported back to the present day, following which she runs off to the one who she wronged in the past and for whom she now has mutual feelings.

One More Time ending explained in detail:

Why did Amelia and Fiona get estranged?

Amelia and Fiona were the best of friends during their childhood, and they share their birthdays that they used to celebrate together, as many other things.

On one of their birthdays, they both wrote down on pieces of paper, their deepest wishes they wanted to come true, and put them in a time capsule which they then buried into the ground, promising each other to open it when they turn eighteen.

However, that day never came and as Amelia ignore Fiona more and more to seek popularity, the two drifted apart. As Amelia went through an ‘ugly-to-pretty’ pipeline, therefore becoming the most popular girl in Skåberga, she moved on from Fiona, who found her freshman year especially difficult to navigate being heartbroken at this treatment from her best friend.

What did Fiona wish for?

Fiona and Amelia wrote their wishes on paper chits and put them inside a time capsule that they buried together during their early teen years.

A 40-year-old Amelia lives a really rough life, having lost all the fame and fun she had when she was in school, digs the capsule out after having ran into Fiona on their birthday. Before she can read what Fiona’s wish was, the wind blows the paper away and chasing it ends up with Amelia getting hit by a truck.

She gets sent into a time loop wherein she has to live out her eighteenth birthday again and again. By the end of her journey, she has made many realizations following which she ends up on the same spot where they’d buried the capsule.

She goes to read her former best friend’s wish as Fiona arrives there as well. Amelia is shocked and shattered to see that Fiona’s deepest wish was to have her best friend fall in love with her.

Fiona can’t bear all the emotions that this moment inspires and runs off, with Amelia chasing after her, only for her to again get hit by a passing vehicle, transporting her back into the present world.

Do Fiona and Amelia get together?

Amelia escapes the loop to regain consciousness in the present world. She has suffered some scratches and minor injuries from the accident, before learning that the truck that hit her is being driven by her former boyfriend Max.

She asks him for a favor and rides away to meet Fiona as fast as she can. She goes to her party where she sees her among her family friends, happy and content. Fiona also seems to be playing with a child Amelia thinks is her son she may be parenting along with the woman that she’s cheerful conversing with.

Seeing her all happy with someone she thinks is the love of her life hurts Amelia a bit and as Fiona catches a glimpse of her, Amelia gets flustered and runs away. She goes to her parents to celebrate her birthday.

One More Time ends with Fiona meeting Amelia and clarifying to her that the woman was her cousin and the kid, her nephew. Amelia apologizes for being a bad friend to her after telling her that she read her wish.

Fiona says that she wants her in her life again and accepts her even with all her flaws and “stupidity”, saying she can be stupid sometimes too.

They laugh and bask in the tender moment shared with a beautiful scenery in front of them. There’s no immediate romantic expression of love but they’re back in each other’s lives again, and that’s a solid start to their rekindled relationship.

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