Ex-Addicts Club summary & ending explained

Ex-Addicts Club follows five quirky individuals who come together to form a unique support club for those dumped by their lovers and struggling to get over them.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Coming out of a painful breakup, Raysa forms a support group for the unfortunate souls who have similarly gotten their heart broken by their lovers. A spiritual guru calling himself the “Wind of Zephyr” is summoned to help them get over their exes but he’s just a con who’s duping them for their money.

The group then decides to get rid of the gifts their exes got them, a task that proves much more difficult than initially anticipated. Up next is a suspicious development that Kori’s new match on a dating app causes, as the group tries to dig into the girl’s criminal past.

Asep lies to his mother about having a new girlfriend, a lie that ropes in Tina and Raysa into the mess and makes the situation all the more complicated. Tina freaks out when a video of her ex goes viral, while the rest of the group try to distract her and calm her down.

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Kori goes missing and the group go to his ex Ami to get him back. Up next is the process to get him over his ex, which they wish to do by finding him a rebound. While Raysa tries to get eveyone to make peace with their exes, Kevin wages war on his ex in an effort to expose her.

Raysa’s mistakes cost the group their bond, which breaks as eveyone go their separate ways. The Ex-Addicts Club finale sees Raysa and others run against the clock to prevent Kori from doing something really drastic, only to learn that it was his plan to get the band back together again.

Ex-Addicts Club ending explained in detail:

Does Raysa get back with Indra?

Raysa find it very difficult, like all the other members of the Ex-Addicts Club, to move on from Indra after he dumps her. She keeps finding a new excuse to go visit him.

Despite the rest of the group’s efforts, Raysa always finds her way to Indra, under the guise of some made up thing. However, Indra has moved on and doesn’t really respond how Raysa would like him to, in hopes of getting together with him again.

Near the finale, Raysa runs back to him at the party he throws, where his new girlfriend suprises her before dissing her with a rap song. Markus backs the heartbroken’s Raysa before getting her on board to help Kori.

Ex-Addicts Club concludes with Kevin tearing apart his ticket for Johannesburg, moving on from his ex Vivi; Tina lashes out at Aldo, moving on from his ex as well; Asep goes to his ex Yayu and moves on after apologizing to her; Kori finally responds with a “No” to Ami, moving on from his toxic relationship with her.

Finally, Raysa meets Indra at the same spot he broke up with her. However, Indra flips the script and instead of Raysa having her moment of clarity and moving on, he starts rattling off with the bicycle and telling her that he has broken up with his girlfriend and wants to be back with her.

However, Ex-Addicts Club doesn’t reveal what Raysa’s repsonse is, rolling the credits before she can give her answer.

Why does the group break apart?

Raysa’s biggest mistake comes when she uses the funds meant for the cafe to invest in Indra’s ceramic business, which exports to a client known to Kevin, who promises that if this doesn’t work out, he will pay Asep and others back with his own money.

However, Asep refuses his money and lashes out at Raysa for duping them and trying to get back with Indra, instead of moving on from him.

Actually, the bigger sin was keeping this hidden from her friends who all betrayed by Raysa for violating their trust and the group’s mission.

What happens to Kori?

Kori is upset after the group’s fallout and disappears. Everyone else go their separate ways and very soon devolve into their previous mental states, defying all the development they had made and running off back to their exes.

Markus, the ex-convict who scammed the Ex-Addicts Club members as Mr. Wind of Zephyr, returns after turning a new leaf and helps the members get back to go save Kori. They learn that Kori has planned to kidnap Ami, who’s going to get married to someone else.

However, when they arrive at Ali’s house to prevent Kori from doing something drastic, they find that Ami’s only having a celebration over the cake shop’s opening, not her wedding. They then learn that Kori had staged all this with the help of Markus, all in order to get the band together again and stick with each other always.

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