Nia Bintu: Outer Range character explained

Nia Bintu is a geologist who is interested in what is under the Abbott family’s western pasture. Yrsa Daley-Ward plays the character.

Royal visits Dr. Nia Bintu and gives her Autumn’s necklace to find out more about it, but when he notices the company logo he saw in the future, he leaves in a rush.

Nia’s interest is piqued and she gets her hands on some of the mineral to test it out. It raises more questions than answers, and she reports that to her superiors.

When Royal finds out that Nia was on their property, he visits her and asks her what she wants.

She says that she wants to study what’s under the surface and proposes her theory on what it is.

He flat-out refuses and leaves behind a warning that he doesn’t want to see her near his land again.

In the name of science

She decides to meet Rhett and tell him about the benefits of researching the land herself instead of waiting for the wrong people to step in.

Rhett is on the defensive but Nia asks him to just convince Royal about the possibilities and how it would be better if they gave in to her request.

Nia Bintu: Outer Range character explained 1
Nia tries to strike a deal with Rhett for access to the land and the mineral underneath

After the bail is paid and the ranch is no longer in trouble of repossession, Rhett invites Nia for a chat and says that he’s willing to talk to his father if Nia pays him.

He insists on regular payment for his part in facilitating a deal between Royal and the scientists who want to find out the secret behind the hole and the mineral.

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