Nothing to See Here summary and ending explained

Nothing to See Here follows Alexis, a blind man, and his best friend Charly — who has cerebral palsy — trying to make it big in a daunting city. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Alexis is a 27-year-old blind young man who is unsure of what to make of his life. His best friend is Charly, who has Cerebral Palsy.

On a night out to find some cocaine, Alexis ends up accepting a cocky stand-up comedian’s challenge to come on stage and try his hand at it. He does, and his improvised material kills.

The laughter of people sticks with him, and Alexis makes up his mind about becoming a comedian, but not in his small town. He needs to move to Mexico City. Charly accompanies.

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They struggle to find a gig to pay for their stay and other expenses and also get robbed by a stuttering man. He’s a part of a group of former offenders who have now taken a pledge to not wrong those who don’t deserve it.

They become friends with Alexis and Charly. Meanwhile, Alexis meets a girl whose voice he thinks is that of a good person and the best he’s ever heard. Her name is Azul, an aspiring and talented rapper who laughs when she’s nervous.

The big night eventually arrives but Alexis has grown cold feet thanks to voices surrounding him and also the ones inside his mind. It cripples him, and a deflated and defeated Alexis returns to his home with his parents.

Time passes, and Charly’s grandmother passes. This tragedy brings all together but this reunion also ends on a bitter note. A talk with his mother finally makes him realize what he’s done wrong and what he must do.

He reunites his best friends and finally hits the stage, cracking up jokes and sharing his story with laughter and claps aplenty.

Nothing to See Here ending explained in detail:

What makes Alexis give up?

Alexis is annoyed by the same jokes made about his disabilities time and again ever since he was a child. He has always tried his best to not be perturbed by this too much.

However, as an adult and about to get on stage for the first time, the continuous prick of external voices and unnecessary worries from his parents cause the inception of self-doubt.

For the first time, Alexis gets bogged down by the voices and becomes unsure of his own abilities as a funny man. This leads him to give it all up and return home all dreary and defeated.

Does Alexis become a comedian?

Alexis does become a comedian by the end of Nothing to See Here. In the finale, Alexis meets Charly, Azul, and others at the funeral of Charly’s grandmother.

Charly and Azul try to talk to Alexis but he’s still filled with self-doubt and says he doesn’t believe he can become a comedian and pursue his dreams.

This further breaks Charly and Azul. However, later on, Alexis meets two other blind men who recognize Alexis by his voice, shortly showing him the videos of himself that Charly has always posted on his YouTube channel.

Alexis is over the moon and overwhelmed by his emotions. His father arrives and apologizes for holding him back. Meanwhile, Alexis also gains a fresher perspective and goes back to Mexico City, reconciles with Charly, and resumes his journey to becoming a comedian.

What happens to Charly?

Abandoned by his parents as a child, Charly was raised by his old grandmother. She is shown to be fighting for him and caring for him when he is in school.

Later, she gets into a nursing home and Charly is completely alone, with only Alexis as a best friend with whom he spends the most time.

After Alexis goes through a crisis of self-faith, Charly is left alone and abandoned once again, which destroys him further. Furthermore, his grandmother passed away and he’s got nothing to his name in the will.

Being broke and alone in a big city, with his crutches getting stolen again and again, he makes a last YouTube video, asking for the viewers to help him financially.

Alexis’ father watches his video and gets emotional, following which he forges a letter, making it look like it’s by his grandmother who did actually leave him over 200,000 pesos (a sum Alexis’ father had saved himself).

Charly uses that money to reopen Chocho’s bar but with a completely new concept. They do just that and Alexis finally opens with his standup act with confidence.

The Nothing to See Here finale sees Charly still hanging out with Alexis and pretty much working as his manager.

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