Mumbai Diaries season 2 summary and ending explained

The second season of Mumbai Diaries sees the doctors and nurses at BGH struggling to manage the influx of patients when floods threaten to drown the city of Mumbai. The series is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Months after 26/11, the people who suffered due to the terror attacks are still recovering. As Mrs. Kelkar believes that her husband died because of Dr. Kaushik’s negligence, she files a murder case against him. 

The case gets a lot of media attention, and Dr. Kaushik becomes the target of public scorn. Diya is made to testify in court, and the lawyers ask her such questions that her testimony ends up hurting Kaushik’s case. This does not sit well with Diya’s colleagues, and she faces problems at work.

The last few months have not been easy for Kaushik, and the court has yet to give a verdict, which will decide whether Kaushik will continue to be a doctor. On a rainy day, the stress and pressure get to him. He freezes while trying to save a patient, and the patient dies. 

This year, two new resident doctors, Hima and T.V. Raman, come to BGH. Furthermore, the police have sent Kailash Jadhav, a corrupt police officer, to keep an eye on the BGH staff to ensure that protocol is being followed at all times.

Vidya is still waiting for her 26/11 compensation package. She has an opportunity to work in Bahrain, but she urgently needs money if she does not want to lose the opportunity. Vidya then decides to steal medicines from the hospital for Jadhav, who will sell them on the black market. 

Once he gives her the money that she needs, she refuses to steal medicines again. However, Jadhav starts blackmailing her. She is left with no choice but to do as he says. Jadhav also attempts to extort money from other distressed people at the hospital.

A British Healthcare delegation comes to BGH in order to strengthen ties between the UK and India. One of the delegates turns out to be Dr. Saurav Chandra, Chitra’s manipulative and abusive husband. 

Two years ago, Chitra left Saurav and returned to India without telling him. She never contacted him or told anyone where she works because she still fears him. That is why they are separated but still not divorced. 

Chitra overcomes her fear and speaks to Saurav, who claims that he has changed now and that he did not come here for Chitra, as he did not even know that she worked at BGH. When BGH faces the threat of a leptospirosis outbreak, Saurav and one more delegate decide to stay back and lend a hand to the doctors of BGH.

Sujata tries to convince Kaushik to save Saba, the daughter of the woman Kaushik could not save. However, he refuses, as he is too disturbed to work. On top of that, his pregnant wife, Ananya, is stranded on a flooded road with her car getting filled with water. 

Kaushik cannot contact her, so he takes an ambulance to find her. He finds Ananya hours later; some locals had saved her and taken her to their home. She now needs immediate medical attention, so Kaushik takes her to the hospital, where she gives birth to their son.

On the other hand, Sujata decides to disobey her seniors’ orders and operate on Saba. Due to that, she gets suspended for 15 days. She then goes to a juvenile home, where Samarth thinks a child is being abused. 

Sujata manages to get the child to the hospital by lying to his caretaker that he might have leptospirosis. She gets him tested for STDs, and when the report comes back positive, she is able to save him from his caretaker, who is also his abuser, with Chitra and Inspector Mayank’s help. 

Meanwhile, a confrontation with Mrs. Kelkar is all it takes for Mansi to learn her lesson and try to be a better journalist. However, her boss does not allow her to run the stories that she wants, which creates friction between them.

This time, Mansi wants to do the right thing. She defies her boss and exposes the malpractices of a building company, which is owned by the company that owns their news channel. Mansi then quits her job and walks out of the office with her head held high.

Ahaan, who has feelings for Chitra, finds out that she is married to Saurav and is heartbroken. This causes an argument between him and Chitra, who starts believing that Saurav has truly changed. 

However, Ahaan finds out that Saurav lied to Chitra. He informs her that Saurav used his influence to come to BGH as a delegate because he knew that Chitra worked here. When she confronts Saurav, he continues to pretend that he is a changed man. He claims that he misses her and wishes that they could be together again.

The rain shows no sign of stopping and brings the city to a standstill. BGH’s infrastructure is not equipped to deal with such a disaster. The patients on the ground floor have to be moved due to flooding and various other issues created because of the excessive water.

The lights go out all over the city, but the doctors at BGH carry on working in the dark. If that is not enough, a bridge collapses, and the injured people are brought to an already overburned BGH.

Mumbai Diaries season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Kaushik go back to treating patients?

After giving birth to her son, Ananya asks Kaushik to help his colleagues save lives. Kaushik then convinces Dr. Subramaniam, who has been working extremely hard to manage the crisis since the morning, to operate on Saba with him.

The surgery is successful, and at Subramaniam’s request, Kaushik returns to the ER to treat the patients who were injured due to the bridge collapsing. By a twist of fate, Kaushik ends up treating Mansi’s best and only friend, Sachin.

Kaushik does not hesitate and treats him like he would treat any other patient. He has to amputate Sachin’s leg, but he saves his life, much to Mansi’s relief. Mansi then realizes that the man whose career she has been ruining is a very capable doctor.

What happens to the second-year residents?

When Kaushik and Subramaniam operate on Saba, they ask Sujata to assist them. Once they save Saba, Kaushik talks to Sujata. He knows that Sujata has always had to fight to get where she is today, but he makes her understand that she needs to stop fighting now. Despite everything, Sujata’s persistent efforts save two children.

Diya has been handling the case of a boy named Sandeep, who was admitted with burns all over his body. Diya tries to get him away from his toxic mother and Jadhav, who has been threatening and pressuring the boy. 

It turns out that Sandeep tried to kill himself. He attempts to do that again, but Diya talks to him and saves his life, as she had earlier realized that Sandeep is Sanjana and is in the middle of transitioning. Diya also talks to Sanjana’s parents and asks them to accept their child’s truth.

This gives her the courage to speak to her own father about her feelings and her mother’s death. Her father understands her and is ready to start afresh. Diya then gets rid of her anxiety pills.

Ahaan has an argument with Saurav about Chitra. Ahaan tells him that he is going to hold on to Chitra. This infuriates Saurav, who ends up shoving him. Ahaan falls from the first floor, hits his head, and drowns in the water that has accumulated on the ground floor.

Instead of getting Ahaan help, Saurav does not tell anyone about the incident and leaves him to die. However, Ahaan’s body is found floating on the water by the staff, and Diya and Sujata manage to resuscitate him. Ahaan is alive, but he is in a coma.

Does Saurav escape?

When Chitra helped Sujata save the abused child from his caretaker, she stood up to a child abuser. Chitra is no longer afraid of men like Saurav nor is she confused about her feelings for him, so she decides to ask him for a divorce.

Saurav does not take this well and shows his true colors. He starts calling her names, and Chitra realizes that he has not changed at all. Saurav takes Chitra captive and tries to run away with her.

However, when Subramaniam finds out that Saurav hurt Ahaan, he sends Inspector Mayank and Chitra’s assistant to look for Chitra. Saurav locks himself in a room with Chitra, who then hits Saurav and frees herself just as Mayank comes to her rescue.

Does Ananya survive?

After saving lives in the ER, when Kaushik returns to his wife, he finds out that Ananya’s condition got worse, and she is being operated on. As Ananya was stranded in the dirty flood water for a long time, she caught an infection.

The doctor cannot do anything to save her but intubates her at Kaushik’s insistence. Subramaniam then talks to Kaushik about letting Ananya go, and Kaushik resigns himself to the fact that his wife cannot be saved.

Ananya wakes up briefly and gets to say her final goodbye to Kaushik. She makes him promise that he will always be happy, and then dies with him by her side.

Is Kaushik found guilty of negligence?

Kulkarni, who is only concerned about ICM’s reputation, has been getting on everyone’s nerves since the morning. When he starts yelling at Subramaniam, who chooses to do his duty instead of listening to Kulkarni, Mansi intervenes.

She confronts Kulkarni about sacrificing Kaushik to save ICM’s reputation. She reveals that ICM used Kaushik as a scapegoat to draw attention away from itself. Now that Subramaniam knows what happened, he asks for Mansi’s help. 

With her, he makes a video in which he sincerely talks about the struggles that they face at BGH and how they keep fulfilling their duties despite those struggles. Vidya gets Mrs. Cherian’s help and returns Jadhav’s money. Mrs. Cherian warns Jadhav not to ask her staff for any more favors. Finally, it stops raining.

Mansi tells Mrs. Kelkar the truth about what happened to her husband, and she decides to withdraw the case against Kaushik. Mansi also brings her to Ananya’s funeral. As there are no more court cases or floods, BGH starts recovering from another disastrous day.

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