Mother’s Day (2023) summary and ending explained

Mother’s Day or Dzien Matki is a Polish action thriller film that revolves around Nina, an ex-NATO Special Operations agent, who leaves no stone unturned to save her son.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Nina is an ex-spy who still has the skills of her past career. She now does a normal job but constantly keeps an eye on her son, Max. Nina Nowak is considered dead for the world and has a gravestone.

Igor, Nina’s former colleague, tells her to stop being obsessed with her son. But she still constantly stalks him. One day, she is shocked to see comments on his social media post that he is missing.

Igor finds a recording of the culprit. Dusan Dragan, son of Spiridon Dragan, wants revenge against Nina for killing his father. Since he cannot get to her, he wants to kill his son instead.

The cops find out that a Russian diplomat is in the money laundering business. Volto needs the money laundered and the regime keeps 30% of the black money.

Igor tells Nina that Volto must be involved in the kidnapping, but it would have been carried out by one of his men.

Nina walks right up to them and beats them up. She finds Max but one of Volto’s men takes her out. Volto talks to Dusan about the deal.

Managing to free herself, Nina escapes with Max, but he has no clue that she is his mother. She tells him that she is the only way he can remain safe.

Igor has a strained relationship with his daughter, Zusia. Due to her indifferent behaviour towards him, he is also starting to lose his mind.

Max tries to call for help but Nina finds out and breaks his phone. She finally tells him that she is his real mother.

Their enemies killed them one by one, including his father. His parents didn’t die in any accident, but she was forced to let him go for his safety.

Volto ambushes her and they fight, with Nina coming out on top. But Max is kidnapped by the diplomat’s son.

Mother’s Day ending explained in detail:

What does the diplomat want from Nina?

Nina treats her injuries and tries to find Max at his parents’ house. However, she gets a call from the diplomat telling her that Max is with her.

The police had seized all the money that Volto was laundering and Nina’s 30% share was a part of that.

She now wants Nina to get her money back or else she will kill her son. She accepts as she is willing to do anything to protect him.

It is also revealed that Nina tried to kill her twice in the past. 

Does Nina save Max?

Igor claims that he will help Nina, but betrays her and hits her with a car. It turns out that her enemies from the past were behind this.

They planned alongside Igor to trap her and even stole the laundered money; it wasn’t the police. They plan to bury her alive. Igor wanted the money for his daughter.

But Nina gets the upper hand and kills them. Igor escapes. Nina gives the money back to the diplomat and finally saves her son.

As Nina and Max are returning home, Igor hits them with a car. After a tussle, Nina has Igor at gunpoint. She chooses not to kill him as he only wanted to protect his daughter and she can understand that. She does knock him out, though.

Max is finally safe and returns home, but not before asking if he will see Nina again. She replies that this is all up to him.

Why does Nina’s mother warn her?

Max comes to Nina’s home and the two talk about his father. There is suddenly a knock on the door.

It’s Nina’s mother, who warns her that all her enemies now know that she is alive and that Max is her son. She states that a lot is about to go down and she is lucky that her mother found her first. She enters the house as the film ends.

In a mid-credits scene, the cops hold Igor accountable for his betrayal and lunatic behaviour.

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