Love & Anarchy season 2 summary and ending explained

In ‘Love & Anarchy’ season 2, Sofie tackles a new opportunity amidst a crisis and makes abrupt decisions while simultaneously excelling at her new job. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

Sofie tackles a new position at Lund & Lagerstedt, after her divorce with Johan. She buys a new apartment and shares custody over her children.

The season introduces the relationship dynamics of Sofie and Max as they get intimate in a mall bathroom while the public gets impatient.

Max is looking for a new place to live and confides in Sofie as she has found a small apartment, that barely fits her kids, after divorcing her husband.

Another huge step she has taken is quitting her consulting gig at Lund &  Lagerstedt, which continues struggling being a book publisher in a digital world.

Sofie stops at Lund & Lagerstedt to meet Max for lunch, where Caroline is observed eyeing Max.

Diverting from Sofie’s plans, Denise drags her in for an important meeting with Ronny and Friedrich about making their business more about audiobooks and podcasts.

The old-fashioned Friedrich suggests in-person Proust reading events while Sofie suggests that they need a new investor either way.

Everyone is glad to have her opinion here as she settles the argument of books vs digital media and comes up with a feasible solution.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Love & Anarchy season 2 ending explained in detail:

A new opportunity

While her dad is out and about exuding his activism, Sofie manages to find an investor, who is also a friend of her and Johan. The investor urges Sofie to be the company’s CEO instead of Ronny.

Ronny’s incompetence shows as he is unable to fire Friedrich and ends up giving him his own label. The new investor also makes Ronny the new literary director.

This way, Sofie does not have to take up other odd jobs as she gets a better one at the company she had quit earlier.

Friedrich’s label gets its first author, Vivianne Ivarsen, while both Friedrich and Denise start a complicated relationship with her.

Sofie’s kids are then introduced to her ex-husband Johan. She has cleared one room out for both her kids — a daughter and a younger son.

Johan is furious about this and complains that this is not good for the children’s development. They argue about Sofie’s system for a while.

Later, Max comes over to Sofie’s flat to congratulate her, not knowing her kids are there, but she invites him to stay for dinner as a “colleague”. 

They have a jolly time as Max bonds with Sofie’s son.


During dinner, Sofie gets bad news about her constantly-depressed father Lars. News that she can’t tell Max about. In fact, she not only goes cold towards him, she breaks things off with him the next day.

The news of her father committing suicide takes Sofie by surprise, as she instantly starts thinking about the things she wanted to discuss with him.

Throughout the season, Sofie carries the burden in her heart that affects both her personal and professional life.

As Johan goes to her office to comfort her and make sure that she tells no one about how her father died, Max notices it and keeps asking Sofie about her behaviour.

Sofie, still processing her father’s death and having to lie to everyone that he died of heart attack and not mental illness, breaks up with Max on the spot.

Since hearing the news, Sofie hallucinates her father everywhere she goes. She tries to drown her visions with the help of online dating.

On the sidelines, everyone wants to get rid of Friedrich, who chooses Vivianne Ivarsen as his first author. Vivianne’s last conversation is coincidentally with Denise, who has been running away from her true self.


Denise is insecure about her identity but by the end, Vivianne’s presence in her life helps her accept her true self.

Meanwhile, Sofie realises her mistakes with Max as she tries to resolve her trauma regarding her father’s death.

Sofie reaches out to Max, after making peace in her mind about her grief. Max tells her that he is tired of being toyed with.

The question then arises, whether she would accept him publicly or not. Max dares her to do something for him out of the ordinary in order to prove her seriousness regarding him.

Like a true anarchist, Sofie raises her voice against her own investors and makes a placard similar to what her father used to make while protesting.

The placard is not only a tribute to her late father but also abides by the ideologies that Max believes in, leading up to him forgiving her.

The end scene has Sofie and Max kissing in front of the whole world, not worrying about what the society would think about their age difference.

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