God’s Favorite Idiot summary and ending explained

‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ is an American apocalyptic comedy revolving around an ordinary, middle-aged tech employee, Clark Thompson, who has been chosen by God to oversee world peace while she fights an apocalyptic war in the heavens.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The series opens with Clark feeding snacks to his pet cats and chilling out in the backyard when he gets hit with a flash of fantastical lightning. He ignores it and continues with his ordinary repetitive life.

One day, his party-obsessed colleague and crush, Amily, notices his eerie glow and faints on the spot. She tries to explain it to her other colleagues but no avail. Mistaking the weird behaviour for a romantic interest on her part, Clark asks her out over dinner.

Unexpected glowing on the dinner date makes him an overnight sensation on social media. The overwhelming fame stresses him out. Some argue that he’s a bluff while some connect him to God’s prophecy.

A popular reverend, Throp, defames them publically, calling him a ‘charlatan’ and ‘sinner’. To seek fresh air from toxicity, Clark and Amily stroll outside. A winged ‘angel’ (Chamuel) appears, calling Clark ‘God’s chosen one’ and advising him to ‘be yourself’.

He starts spreading God’s message of peace and unity and fails miserably. A colleague friend, Tom, becomes a wilful follower. Wendy and Mohsin get closer intimately. God meets Clark and guides him to spread her message while she fights the evil Lucifer in heaven.

Clark blurts out his feelings for Amily. Satan crashes onto the scene and tries luring them out in the open after Chamuel spell-proofs the house. They decide to push the spread of God’s message.

Satan again arrives at the weekly sauna session and gravely injures Clark’s dad. He rushes onto the scene, abandoning Judy’s interview to spread his word. Chamuel teleports Satan to an extra-terrestrial portal and faces her.

At the hospital, Clark’s dad is in a perpetual coma state. The Council of Clark convenes and protects his dad from Satan. Clark and Amily move in together and entertain themselves into soul searching.

Four horsemen of the Apocalypse turn up at the supermarket where Clark and Amily are buying goods. They soon realize that Satan’s allies have come to convince him to join Lucifer’s gang. Clark’s estranged mom pops into the scene and orders him to come clean on the bluff game.

God makes one final appearance to advise Clark and Amily to run away from the impending apocalypse. Satan FaceTimes with the gang at the hospital. Frisbee confirms that the protection spell wears out in the dawn. Clark and Amily run off for their lives while other members protect his dad.  

If you have any doubts about the ending, here is a complete breakdown.

God’s Favorite Idiot ending explained in detail (Episode 8):

An impending apocalypse

Clark’s influence on Tom grows as his emotional words and teardrops miraculously heal his dad. He starts calling himself Tom the Baptist. Mohsin presumes that it’s nothing but a divine blessedness pouring out of pure emotions.

All of a sudden, Satan warns them on FaceTime as Frisbee’s spell to protect the hospital from Satanic powers withers out in the dawn. God appears again in the men’s room and guides him to flee with Amily from the apocalypse.

Both run away from Satan as she enters the premises. Other members leave the scene with dad. Satan wrecks everything in her way to the room. Amidst all the fireballs and chaos, Frisbee encounters her. She brutally thrashes him and crosses paths with Mohsin, Wendy, and the dad.

Wendy convinces Satan to fight a greater war in heaven while Tom attempts to protect Amily and Clark from the four horsemen.

What happened to Satan?

Wendy tries her excellent mind-control skills on Satan. The impromptu counter-strategy of convincing her to fight a larger battle against God with Lucifer saves the day for all three.

She explains that killing mortal beings won’t get her the desired respect from other demons. Hence, she must be directly involved in the war with Lucifer as an ‘in-charge’ of the hell.

She agrees with Wendy, makes up her mind, and disappears from the scene.

Clark and Amily

When Clark tries to flee with Amily, Tom offers his obstruction to bide time against the four charging horsemen. Clark knows the map to a place where God wants them to stay till the apocalyptic war ends.

He also assures Amily that God will save everyone from the impending wrath. He magically tunes into the Mamas & the Papas’ love song while they travel amidst the uncertainty and confusion.

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