Lilith: Sand Land: The Series character explained

Lilith is a major supporting character who is the mother of Ann in Sand Land: The Series. The former queen of Forest Land has been missing for years, and the latest episode reveals what actually happened to her.

Lilith is Beelzebub’s sister and the daughter of Lucifer. Naturally, she is very powerful, even more than Beelzebub, by his own admission.

She fell in love with a human, though, and eventually married King Jam of the Forest Land. She became the queen and later birthed Ann.

The stone of doom

One day, she found a glowing box amidst the treasure and took it to the king. It encased Aquanium, a powerful stone from the era of the great war, that contains horrifying explosive energy and can level vast landscapes.

Fearing Supreme Commander Bred might use the weapon to initiate a war with Sand Land, they decided to leave the aquanium with her father, Lucifer.

Lilith King Jam Sand Land The Series 2024
Lilith with King Jam discussing what to do with the aquanium

He’s mightier than them all, so keeping the explosive stone of doom in his safekeep would be the best. Lilith promptly flies to her father in Sand Land. Bred witnesses her change into her demonic form and fly away.

The urn

Muniel eggs him on and manipulates him into turning against King Jam and Lilith. Together, the two lead the coup d’état and depose King Jam.

Lilith casually overpowers the puny Muniel, but his powerful urn ends up being Lilith’s biggest problem, as it quickly devours her and she’s locked inside the urn forever.

Later, Muniel uses the same urn to lock her father as well, before taking the aquanium away to Forest Land, where he and Bred intend to make weapons of war with it.

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