Kiyoko: The Grimm Variations character explained

Kiyoko is the lone daughter of Viscount Otawara who is excited to welcome Lady Tsuruko and her daughters into her family. Rie Kugimiya voices the character.

After the death of his wife, Viscount Otawara decides to marry Lady Tsuruko because his daughter Kiyoko pushes for it.

Tsuruko arrives with her daughters, Makiko and Sawako, and Kiyoko is thrilled to have a stepmother and older step sisters.

She introduces them to her toy doll and assures them that if they need anything at all, they can ask her.

However, Kiyoko has darker motives for bringing these outsiders into her home.

Simple playthings

Kiyoko talks to her doll that is alive, and she talks about having fun with her new stepmother and stepsisters.

Makiko and Sawako do not have refined manners due to their common upbringing and that makes them selfish and disrespectful.

Regardless, Kiyoko dotes on them hand and foot and caters to their every whim in the initial days.

That is part of her plan to tarnish their image as she engineers situations where Makiko and Sawako’s antics are brought into focus.

The sisters believe that Kiyoko is behind their misfortune, but the young girl puts on an act whenever she is called out and no one else suspects a thing.

Kiyoko: The Grimm Variations character explained 1
Kiyoko and her doll talked about playing games with people around them

She goes to terrifying lengths to ensure that she can have fun, including causing her father to die in an accident and slowly poisoning Tsuruko while keeping her daughters away.

She made Makiko and Sawako go crazy until she was noticed by Count Ichijo and married him.

Then she decides to start playing a new game in the new world that he brought her into.

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