Kang Su-Ho’s cheating in Wonderful World explained

The latest episode of Wonderful World sees Kang Su-Ho’s mistakes in the past coming back to haunt his wife and weaken his family’s fabric. 

Kang Su-Ho has been through the same severity of pain of losing his son as his wife, who ultimately went to jail for killing their son’s killer. 

While she was in jail and unable to be with her husband, Su-Ho made a mistake and had a sexual relationship with someone close to her.

The woman in the photograph

Not too long after getting out of prison, Soo-Hyun receives a photograph of her husband having sex with another woman, which is from some years ago. 

She later finds out that it’s sent by the son of the person she killed. Meanwhile, that photograph is also sent to her mother, so that her whole family suffers from the shock. 

When she confronts Kang Su-Ho about it, he apologizes profusely, and soon, she comes to learn that the woman is none other than their long-time neighbor, Yoon Hye-Geum. 

The neighbor confesses to herself that she is indeed the woman in the picture. Soo-Hyun is heartbroken and lives at her mother’s house for awhile before returning to Su-Ho, having decided to forgive him, or at least begin to do it. 

The twist

Later, she goes to Yoon Hye-Geum’s house and learns that she had gone on a trip abroad with her son right around the time when Su-Ho had sex with the woman in the picture. 

This meant that Yoon Hye-Geum wasn’t the woman in the picture and had in fact lied about it. Upon confrontation, Hye-Geum confesses the truth and reveals it really wasn’t her. 

Yoon Hye-Geum Wonderful World
Yoon Hye-Geum

She tells Soo-Hyun that Kang Su-Ho had approached her after learning of her ties with corrupt politician Kim Joon, asking her to take him down together. 

He later asks her help in falsely admitting that she’s the one who cheated on his wife, so that Soo-Hyun never gets to learn who the real woman was, a truth he says will ruin her if she ever finds it out. 

The truth

One day, a stranger approaches Soo-Hyun and Su-Ho outside their home, to request that they help him hopefully learn about the accident he had near Su-Ho’s car. 

He requests them to check his car’s dashcam footage. Su-Ho goes to work and leaves the flash drive with the dashcam footage with his wife, who later sees one of the recordings to her utter shock. 

She sees her sister-in-name, Han Yu-Ri, who has been taken in and raised as her blood sister by her mother, reprimanding Kang Su-Ho in front of his car. 

Shortly, he speaks about how the woman in the picture is herself, not Yoon Hye-Geum. Soo-Hyun is aghast upon learning that her sister and husband cheated on each other in her absence. 

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