Jang Uk’s new powers in Alchemy of Souls part 2 explained

In ‘Alchemy of Souls’, after being stabbed by Naksu, Jang Uk is reborn with the power of the Ice Stone. The character is played by Lee Jae Wook.

In the last episode of the first part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’, Jang Uk was stabbed in the heart by Naksu. However, he comes back to life.

Jang Uk, the young master of the Daehoguk Jang’s family, is seen in dark clothing after his rebirth. He has been ordered to hunt soul shifters by the Royal Family and the Unanimous Assembly.

A soul shifter tells him that they are both alike since Jang Uk’s body has also died. It is the power of Ice Stone that is keeping him alive.

Jang Uk’s new abilities

Jang Uk uses the power of the Ice Stone to kill soul shifters. He only needs a drop of it to destroy a soul shifter. It barely takes him any effort to fight them.

Since Jinyowon is not open to outsiders anymore, Jang Uk uses his new abilities to enter Jinyowon; he can move so fast that no eye can detect his movements. 

He is also able to breach the barrier that conceals the annex where Bu-yeon resides, and later, when she is being taken to her groom, he manages to make her disappear in the blink of an eye.

Jang Uk can also access the memories of soul shifters when he kills them, which allows him to see their past. He is described as the strongest man alive.

The downside of Jang Uk’s new powers

Whenever Jang Uk uses the Ice Stone to kill soul shifters, he cannot sleep at night. He is swarmed by wraiths that are hungry for that power. 

Alchemy of Souls season 2
Wraiths swarm toward Jang Uk

Jang Uk wants to destroy the Ice Stone because Park Jin told him that no human can control its power. Jang Uk agrees with him; he believes its power is too much for him to handle.

However, if it is extracted from his body, he will die. 

A monster is born

While Jang Uk uses his new powers to kill soul shifters, he is still seen as a monster by the people of Daeho. The people believe that Go Won is using one monster to get rid of the others.

People are afraid of him to the extent that they do not feel comfortable being in his vicinity. They avoid him wherever he goes.

There are no mages at Jeongjingak anymore; Jang Uk is the only one there, isolated and alone.

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