Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 1 recap and review

In the very first episode of the second part, Jang Uk comes across Bu-yeon, who has been kept hidden within the walls of Jinyowon. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Three years have passed since Naksu was assumed dead. Jinyowon does not allow entry to outsiders anymore.

One of the three men who have come to deliver liquor to Jinyowon is allowed inside to take water from the well. The man sees a beautiful woman, and he is told by his companions that she must be Jin Cho-yeon.

The three men then come across a gruesome scene; they find themselves surrounded by dead bodies. A soul shifter makes an appearance but is easily defeated by Jang Uk.

Dang-gu, who is now the leader of Songrim, chases a soul shifter that leads him to the gates of Jinyowon. He meets Cho-yeon there, who never gave him a chance to apologize in the past three years. 

She dismisses his pleas to enter Jinyowon to find the soul shifter. However, Jang Uk, with his incredible new powers, easily sneaks past everyone.

Cho-yeon assures her worried mother that Bu-yeon is in the annex, which is hidden by an invisible barrier. 

Jang Uk kills the soul shifter and accidentally pulls down the barrier. He comes across Bu-yeon, who wants to escape the annex. He believes her to be a Jinyowon priestess. 

She tells him that she can see the Ice Stone within him, as she is capable of seeing the energy of the world. She promises to reveal her true identity to him if he helps her escape, but he refuses. 

When he asks her why is she being treated like a prisoner, she tells him it is because she is alive when she is supposed to be dead. He sympathizes with her and helps her build an escape route.

Yul has been at the Seoho Fortress for the past three years, but he is now returning. 

Jang Uk, who has been carrying Naksu’s sword, is swarmed by wraiths whenever he uses the Ice Stone’s power. 

Meanwhile, Bu-yeon’s wedding has been arranged by her mother. She expects her to marry the man she has chosen for her, bear his children, and stay locked up forever.

While talking to Cho-yeon, she asserts that it is Bu-yeon, not Naksu, as the original soul was already dead when the body was retrieved three years ago.

The Royal Family and the Unanimous Assembly reward Jang Uk whenever he kills soul shifters for them, which has made him one of the richest men in Daeho. 

The people of Daeho believe that the Crown Prince, Go Won, has ordered Jang Uk, who is seen as a monster now, to kill these other monsters. Go Won gets all the credit, while Jang Uk is feared.

Every mage except Jang Uk has left Jeongjingak. His friends are not as close to him as they used to be, and he makes Go Won personally deliver the rewards because he is now too strong to be ignored.

Bu-yeon escapes because she wants to meet her fiancé. Instead, she meets Jang Uk and asks him to marry her in order to avoid being imprisoned for the rest of her life. He is strong enough to keep her mother away from her. 

She reveals her true identity to him; she is Jin Bu-yeon, the elder daughter. She was found three years ago. Furthermore, she tells him she would wait for him to come and rescue her. 

Her bracelet works as a tracking device. She is found and taken back to Jinyowon.

Dang-gu, Yul, and Jang Uk meet a retired Park Jin, who now spends his time doing household chores.

Dang-gu is upset when he hears about the Jinyowon wedding, thinking it is Cho-yeon who is getting married. 

Jang Uk discusses with Park Jin the possibility of destroying the Ice Stone. He is warned that destroying it would kill him, but he still wants to go ahead with it.

Bu-yeon is being forced to marry Yul’s uncle, who has no one to look after him. He is chosen as her husband because he would always stay under her mother’s thumb.

However, on her way to the wedding, Bu-yeon is taken by Jang Uk, who wants to use her powers to destroy the Ice Stone. She happily embraces him and calls him her husband.


  • The second part is back with visuals just as amazing as those in the first part.
  • The episode had a well-balanced dose of comedy. These scenes provide comic relief without affecting the intensity of other scenes.
  • This episode established that Bu-yeon’s character is more than just a damsel who has been locked up for three years. She is witty and smart, easily winning over the audience.
Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 1
Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 1 recap and review 1

Director: Joon Hwa Park

Date Created: 2022-12-10 23:31

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