Does Aneesa come out as queer in Never Have I Ever season 3?

Aneesa arrived at school with a bang, instantly winning over everyone before eventually becoming friends with Devi and dating Ben, but things change for her in season 3.

Ben appears to hold some unresolved feelings for Devi after seeing her with Paxton and this doesn’t help his relationship with Aneesa either.

Trouble in Paradise

When Aneesa and Ben started dating, things were great but slowly the cracks started to appear. Ben was more condescending towards Aneesa and constantly put her down for her intelligence. He didn’t mean to hurt her but didn’t know any better.

Fabiola and Eve won the Cricket Queens title at the Winter dance but Eve soon informs Fabiola that she’s moving to Seoul in South Korea. They try long-distance for a while but Fabiola isn’t able to continue with that much longer and they break up.

Does Aneesa come out as queer in Never Have I Ever season 3? 1
Ben starts to neglect Aneesa because of his studies

Fabiola always stood up for Aneesa and was a supportive friend whenever she saw Ben being a douche to her. Aneesa is also annoyed that Ben spends devotes more attention to Devi which doesn’t feel right given their past history.

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A spontaneous kiss

Aneesa invites Ben and her friends to the district finals of the football tournament and Ben and Fabiola attend to support her but right at the end as Aneesa scores a spectacular goal, she sees Ben distracted on his phone.

Does Aneesa come out as queer in Never Have I Ever season 3? 2
Fabiola shares her admiration for Aneesa

After the game Ben lies about catching her goal and this disappoints Aneesa even more. She goes into the washroom where she finds Fabiola who immediately sings her praises. Aneesa is overcome with emotion and she kisses Fabiola.

The two of them don’t bring it up again as things get awkward between them but Aneesa has enough of Ben’s teasing and breaks up with him.

Brief romance

The awkwardness continues between Aneesa and Fabiola until Paxton picks up on the tension between them during the coffeehouse charity event. He gives Fabiola a few pointers on how to approach Aneesa and make the first move.

Does Aneesa come out as queer in Never Have I Ever season 3? 3
Aneesa and Fabiola give dating a chance

Later that evening, they decide to date each other after Aneesa also takes the initiative. They date for a while but the awkwardness somehow remains as they aren’t to able to express affection for each other very gracefully.

During game night at Devi’s house, Fabiola is mesmerised by Des’s friend Addison. She crushes over her the entire night and Aneesa notices this. She understands that their first kiss was so passionate because it was spontaneous but maybe they’re better suited to remain just friends.

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