Never Have I Ever season 3 ending explained: Does Devi end up with Ben or Paxton?

Season 3 of Never Have I Ever follows Devi Vishwakumar through her junior year in high school as she goes through more than one romance and learns more about herself. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Devi begins the new year proudly standing by Paxton’s side but she soon realizes that she’s at the wrong end of some unwanted attention. She overhears some popular girls speculate how someone like her is dating Paxton and finds herself being slut-shamed.

Devi feels pressured to have sex with Paxton or else he’ll break up with her but after some supportive words from Kamala and even Paxton, she realizes that she doesn’t need to worry about what others think.

Kamala is getting the third degree from Nirmala for bailing on Prashant and is convinced to try and fix things but Kamala realises that she just isn’t ready for marriage yet.

Fabiola tries long-distance with Eve after Eve moves to South Korea but it doesn’t last long. Eleanor makes things official with Trent after some confusing initial signals.

Just as she begins to feel secure about her relationship, Devi receives DM’s from a random troll warning her about Paxton’s true nature. She digs into it with the help of her friends even though Paxton told her to ignore it.

Things between Ben and Aneesa hit a rocky path after Ben is rude and condescending towards her. Nirmala hosts a mixer for Kamala and invites a bunch of Indian bachelors for her to meet but Kamala invites Manish too so that she can spend some time with him.

Nirmala also invites Rhyah, her friend’s daughter, so that she and Nalini can be friends because they are of similar ages.

Devi learns that troll is actually Haley from the orchestra who was ghosted by Paxton after he slept with her. She makes Paxton apologise to Haley which leads to a mass apology to all the girls he’s wronged at school.

Aneesa is frustrated with her relationship and in a moment of impulse, she kisses Fabiola. They keep it quiet and Aneesa later breaks up with Ben because he’s just not present with her.

Devi starts to get jealous because Haley and Paxton are now close friends since the apology and Devi feels insecure. When things get too far, Paxton breaks up with Devi because he cannot like her if she doesn’t like herself.

Devi is having a Navratri celebration at her house but she wants to sneak out to a party. Nalini lets her go as long as she takes Rhyah’s son Nirdesh along with her. Nirdesh or Des turns out to be this Indian hunk who helps Devi make Paxton jealous at the party.

Kamala wants to help Manish win over Nirmala, but he’s so far removed from Indian culture and Nirmala cannot find herself accepting her decision to date him so Kamala moves out of the house.

After their first interaction, Devi doesn’t hear from Des so she worries if her flirting skills are out of touch. She uses a charity event at school to work on them and even has some friendly banter with Ben over there.

Paxton helps Fabiola overcome the awkwardness between her and Aneesa. By the end of the night, Fabiola and Aneesa decide to date each other.

Ben is overworking himself to make his dad proud and get into Columbia just like his father but all the stress coupled with his poor diet sends him to the hospital with a blocked colon. Paxton is the only one around to take him to the hospital and the two of them help each other learn some important lessons.

Devi meets Des once again and it doesn’t take them long to hit it off and start dating. They find themselves on opposite sides of the inter-school debate competition and Devi resorts to cheating but gets caught by Manish.

The way Manish handles the situation convinces Nirmala that he’s a mature adult who might be good for Kamala. Even though they’ve started dating, Aneesa and Fabiola find it awkward when it comes to expressing their affection for each other.

Devi and Des are going strong but because their parents are around so much, they never get real alone time. She organises a game night to get some time to hook up but Paxton shows up for the party and Devi also faces a sudden breakdown when she sees an old racket belonging to her father.

Fabiola crushes huge on Des’s friend Addison and Aneesa notices this so they have an amicable break-up and decide to remain friends. Ben makes friends with Margot, a girl from his art class who teaches him to let go and relax a little.

Devi goes to Des’s house to apologize for game night and Rhyah walks in when they’re making out in his room. To her surprise, Nalini allows Des and Devi to date because he’s much more sincere and stable than her past boyfriends.

Devi and Des enjoy dating each other but Rhyah isn’t too happy with the situation. After getting Devi through a panic attack before her orchestra concert, she insists that Des break up with her because she has too many problems.

Ben hears this and tries to warn Devi but she snaps back at him. Devi eventually learns that Des is ignoring her again and calls him out for it. Even her mother takes her side when Rhyah confronts them after Devi throws an iced coffee in Des’s face.

Paxton gets into ASU and is thrilled about it but Trent isn’t because his best friend will be moving away. Eleanor convinces him that Paxton will still be his best friend and that Trent should be happy for him.

Devi thanks Ben for his concern and apologises for snapping at him while claiming that she may end up a virgin. He accepts her apology and jokingly gives her a “token” worth “one free boink” so that she doesn’t have to die a virgin.

Never Have I Ever season 3 ending explained in detail:

Does Devi decide to go to Shrubland?

Devi earns the honour of going to a very prestigious prep school in Colorado for her senior year but she doesn’t want to spend it away from her friends because she had so much planned.

Even Nalini is fine with her staying but after Kamala tells her that Devi would do well to move out of the house, Nalini organises a trip to see the campus. Devi goes along begrudgingly but after spending the day there, she changes her mind.

But after Paxton’s speech at graduation and seeing him with his family, she realizes that she’s not ready to move away from hers just yet and tells her mother that she wants to stay with her for one more year at least.

What happens between Eleanor and Trent?

Trent is in denial about graduating and Eleanor is worried about him. She believes he’s sad about losing her and also getting a job out in the real world. She tries to convince him to attend the graduation with the help of Paxton.

Come graduation day, Eleanor sees Trent sitting with the other audience members rather than his classmates and when she tells him to join them, he tells her that he failed and has to repeat senior year. He was just embarrassed to admit it.

Rather than be disappointed, however, Eleanor is thrilled that she can spend another year with her boyfriend.

How does Paxton’s speech go?

Paxton is chosen as the class speaker through voting and all the other girls expect him to live up to his reputation and do something sexy or hot on stage to make it memorable.

Paxton doesn’t want to do that and instead, he talks about hard work and how it got him to where he is. He also gives an uncredited shoutout to Devi for being the one to push him to study and face the difficult things that made him a better person.

Devi meets him after and they have a casual conversation as two friends would with Devi thanking him for getting through her father’s death by just being a dream she wished to achieve.

What happens between Ben and Devi?

When Ben hears that Devi is selected to go to Shrubland, he tells her it’s the best thing to do. He does admit that he will miss her when she decides to go.

He runs into Margot in the art class and the two of them have a short conversation before Margot accidentally asks Ben on a date which Ben agrees to.

Devi realises during her conversation with Ben at graduation that she still has some feelings for him when he tells her that he will miss her. Later that day she finds the token that he gave her and heads over to his house to cash it in and act on her feelings now that she’s staying for senior year.

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