Indian Police Force summary and ending explained

Indian Police Force follows Delhi Police’s DCP Kabir Malik, who chases after Zarar, India’s most wanted terrorist on a personal mission as stakes get higher and sacrifices are made along the way. The series is currently streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Indian Police Force season 1 kicks off with a series of bomb blasts occurring in Delhi, including at Ashok Bagh and Indralok University.

Vikram and Kabir, police officers, manage to defuse bombs and save lives, but some bombs explode, causing chaos.

The terrorist group IM claims responsibility, threatening more attacks.

ATS chief Tara Shetty joins the investigation, aiding in tracking down a suspect, Shadab, through sketches and witness accounts.

Kabir, dealing with personal loss from his past, works with the team to locate Shadab’s hideout.

The focus shifts to capturing the elusive terrorist Zarar. A woman, an undercover agent, finds Shadab’s hideout.

A confrontation results in Vikram’s death. It also leads to arrests, including Shadab, but Zarar escapes.

Kabir faces internal conflict with Tara and is removed from the case.

After a series of bombings in Jaipur, Kabir collaborates with IPS Rakesh to investigate.

Kabir’s relentless pursuit leads him to suspect Zarar, who is planning further attacks in Goa with new accomplices and financial support.

Zarar and his team, now in Goa, prepare for bombings. Kabir and Tara, following leads, manage to thwart some attacks and arrest members of Zarar’s team.

However, Zarar escapes, leaving a trail of destruction and continuing his mission.

Kabir tracks Zarar to Darbhanga and reveals his true identity to Zarar’s wife, Nafeesa.

Meanwhile, Zarar flees to Bangladesh. Nafeesa, realizing Zarar’s true nature, assists Kabir and Tara by refusing to join him in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, Kabir, Tara, and their team engage in a covert operation to capture Zarar.

Despite challenges, including interference from Bangladeshi intelligence, they successfully apprehend Zarar and bring him back to India.

Zarar’s history is revealed, including a tragic past involving his family and indoctrination at a madrasa, which shapes his motivations as a terrorist.

His relationships, particularly with his wife Nafeesa, add complexity to his character.

Despite Zarar’s capture, the threat from the terrorist group Indian Mujahideen remains, with leaders like Rafeeq still at large.

The team, including Kabir, Tara, and Jagtap, prepares to continue their fight against terrorism, indicating ongoing challenges and missions, as Indian Police Force season 1 ends.

Ending explained:

How does Vikram die?

IPS Vikram Bakshy is DCP Kabir Malik’s superior and a dear friend. He is also the head of the Delhi Special Cell.

After stopping one of the total six serial blasts in Delhi, Vikram has to collaborate with the chief of ATS Gujarat, Tara Shetty, despite the love-hate tussle between the two.

They have known each other since their university days.

Their collaboration facilitates information-sharing, which helps them track down the location of India’s most wanted terrorist, Zarar’s hideout.

Kabir and Vikram follow the lead on their own and don’t consult with Tara.

Their operation leads to an intense encounter between the Special Cell members and Zarar’s associates.

Most of his associates are killed, and Shadab is arrested, but Zarar uses a kid as a hostage to get Vikram to throw his gun at him.

Zarar uses the gun to shoot Vikram twice, and he eventually succumbs to the injuries and dies. This informs Kabir’s mission to catch Zarar for the rest of Indian Police Force season 1’s runtime.

How does Zarar become a terrorist?

Zarar had a troubled childhood. In communal riots that engulfed Kanpur fifteen years before the present day in Indian Police Force season 1, he lost his uncle Nasir.

His father’s factory was also engulfed in flames and reduced to ashes, where Nasir died when he went to fetch the valuables kept there.

A madrasa teacher named Rafeeq took advantage of a grief-stricken Zarar, radicalized him, and turned him into a religious extremist driven by hateful ideology.

In the present day, Zarar is an Indian Mujahideen commander and has led many a mission, being responsible for hundreds of deaths of innocent people in serial bomb blasts.

He is a cold and calculative man who is also prepared to resort to any measure to slip through the grasp of law and authorities, which he manages to do several times in the show.

He also leads a second, ordinary life with his co-terrorist Saeed’s daughter, Nafeesa. She is unaware of her husband’s identity.

After the Delhi serial blasts, he goes underground with his brother Sikku, also a terrorist. He takes his newlywed Nafeesa to Darbhanga, Bihar.

Another mission arrives, this time it’s to be undertaken in Goa.

His mission goes awry as only he manages to successfully blow up a crowded place while his brother Sikku is killed while running from Tara Shetty and Goa police.

Saeed is killed by Kabir Malik, and his other recruits are arrested by the special cell. He then flees to Bangladesh by crossing the border with the help of Rafeeq.

Nafeesa is eventually informed of her husband’s identity by Kabir when he arrives at his house in Darbhanga.

Upon hearing this harrowing truth, a now-pregnant Nafeesa faints and has to be hospitalized.

How is Zarar caught?

Rafeeq has arranged for Zarar’s safe passage to Iran, but he won’t leave without Nafeesa.

So Rafeeq arranges for her escape and sends another sleeper agent Unaiza to help Nafeesa escape.

However, Unaiza is killed by Tara, and Nafeesa stops in her tracks after initially being fooled by Zarar to reunite with him.

She sees his parents in the news, and how they reveal that they’ve long disowned their kids.

She remembers when Zarar, who she knows by the name of Haider, told her that his parents died in an accident a long time ago.

This lie helps her realize he’s indeed a terrorist. She decides to remain loyal to her country and give up his location to Kabir.

Tara Shetty and Kabir join Commissioner Jaideep to meet the Home Minister, to seek his permission and approval for a covert mission they will carry out in Bangladesh, to capture India’s most wanted terrorist.

The Home Minister approves, and Kabir and Rana leave for Bangladesh, where they meet Jagtap, a RAW agent and a friend from the college days of Tara and Vikram.

Together, they ambush Zarar at the station, where he is supposed to meet Nafeesa, but she never arrives.

Zarar escapes, but Kabir catches up to him and beats him up before Jagtap and Rana come and arrest him.

The Bangladeshi Intelligence wants Zarar too, as they want the credit of catching India’s most wanted terrorist.

They chase the special cell agents but the latter cross the border and make it to the Indian side in time. Zarar is taken to a military camp before being transported to Delhi.

Tara reunites with the team, and together with Kabir, Jagtap, and Rana, they look forward to continuing their cause.

Their next target is upper IM leadership, including Rafeeq, who was recently spotted in Kathmandu, Nepal. They walk off in style towards their mission as Indian Police Force season 1 concludes.

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