Role Play summary and ending explained

Role Play follows Emma using her lethal skills to protect her family when her secret life as an international assassin is exposed to the wrong man, jeopardizing her husband and two kids. The film is currently streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Emma Brackett has a wonderful little family with a loving husband Dave, and two kids. However, her marriage has been through greener pastures.

Her work has kept her very busy and the sex life has also taken a hit. When she forgets about the anniversary, Emma tries to make up for it.

They decide on a night of role play at the Royal Grand Hotel. Before Dave can arrive there, an old man named Bob spots her. He starts chatting and doesn’t seem to stop.

Dave eventually arrives and after the role play romance is over and he’s drunk out of his mind, he passes out.

Emma goes to Bob’s room where it’s revealed that she’s an international assassin, like him, and a private security agency called Sovereign is after her.

Bob threatens to out her to Sovereign unless she agrees to pay him a hefty commission on each of her jobs from now on. However, she’s already poisoned him.

He tries to defy the poison to shoot at her willy-nilly, but she manages to put him down after a mess has been made, and she’s been exposed.

The next day, the news of Bob’s death makes rounds and eventually reaches Dave too. To mitigate the crisis that her exposure will lead to, Emma goes to her handler Raj in Berlin.

Meanwhile, Sovereign catches up with her, and the leader of the agency reaches Dave, who travels to Berlin after learning about his wife’s identity.

Now, Emma must use her skills and intelligence to protect her family. She and Dave contend with bad odds and worse foes and emerge victorious before Role Play rolls the credits.

Ending explained:

Who is Emma?

When the NYPD brings in Dave for questioning regarding Bob’s murder at the Royal Grand Hotel, he comes to learn that his marriage has been a big role play affair.

Dave married Emma Rayburn seven years ago and met her around eight years ago.

They raise two kids together. The elder Wyatt is from Dave’s previous marriage, and the younger Caroline is from the current one.

However, the real Emma Rayburn had died eight years ago, before the Emma that Dave knows first met him.

His wife’s real name is Anna Peller, and she’s an international assassin. She has kept her real identity and profession a secret from her husband and kids.

Who is Gwen Carver?

Anna Peller’s father was a Secret Service agent, who turned into an ex-Service Agent way before he would’ve liked to. So he went into doing business for himself.

He started a private security company called Sovereign with an intelligence agent called Gwen Carver.

After he died, Carver took Anna in and groomed her to become a lethal international assassin.

That changed when met Dave, who treated her like a real person, made her laugh, and made her want to start a new life. She left Sovereign for this perfect life.

But Carver wanted her killing machine back and began chasing her. She eventually catches up to her when the international killer for hire, Derrick Worley aka Bob, spotted her.

Dave is brought in for questioning by NYPD detectives, where Carver poses as an ITIC agent helping out in the case of Bob’s death as part of a special task force.

She reveals Emma’s real identity to Dave, and later visits him at his house, asking to search the house for more evidence that can help track Emma down.

However, she leaves before that, as her men track Emma down in Berlin, where the second act of Role Play soon comes to an end.

Does Emma save her family?

Emma meets Raj in Berlin where Sovereign catches up with her, and while she escapes, Raj ends up getting shot to death. Dave calls her and she tells him the truth.

He insists on meeting her in Berlin to sort this mess out together, even after she repeatedly asks him not to.

He meets her and she explains her backstory in detail. The Sovereign people catch up with them again and kidnap them after knocking them out with tranquilizers.

They wake up at a secret Sovereign hideout where Emma finds that they also have their kids there. Carver has an offer.

She wants Emma back in Sovereign, and while she can keep her kids, she has to get rid of Dave. Emma takes him for a walk in the woods.

She avoids his vital organs with a clean shot and asks him to pretend to be dead. Meanwhile, she takes out all the Sovereign people one by one, and finally Carver too.

Before Role Play rolls the credits, Carver is shot in the gut and bleeding to her death, though it’s not shown on screen.

Emma drives Dave and the kids to a hospital, where Dave has to be treated for his wounds before the kids get treated to ice cream. As for what happens next, Emma has a plan.

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