In Love All Over Again ending explained: Do Irene and Julio end up together?

In Love All Over Again is a romance series about Irene and Julio who are drawn together and pushed apart constantly with the film industry as their backdrop. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In 2022, Irene is busy writing the story of her and Julio, a boy she became very close to while she was in college but had a turbulent relationship with. Right then, Julio knocks on the window of the cafe she’s sitting in, pointing to a continuation of the story.

In 2003, Irene moved from Castellón to Madrid to join film school and pursue her dreams of becoming a director. She leaves behind her boyfriend Fer but makes new friends at school, Jimena, Da, and Adri.

Julio is a law student at the same university and lives with his easygoing father. Irene and he first meet when they both attend the film premiere of famed director Oscar Romano.

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Julio makes a big impression on Oscar when he goes up to the director and asks him to sign his leg. He is invited to the after-party and takes Irene and Da along. Da pukes from the alcohol as soon as they get there and they immediately head back home.

The three of them are on the train and Irene and Julio almost kiss when a bomb explodes. The next time Julio wakes up, he’s in the hospital with his parents by his side.

He goes to the nurses’ station to ask about Irene and comes across Da, who is unhurt. Da takes him to Irene who has a bandage over her eye and the two of them are very glad to see each other when Fer walks in, implying that he’s back with Irene after the accident.

Irene moves back home and is in a rut so her father calls her friends to get her to move back to Madrid. Julio is dealing with the trauma of the accident in his own way but is obsessed with Irene.

Fer accompanies them back as Irene decides to go back to school but the first night he’s there, he catches her and Julio making out and he leaves.

Irene has written a short film and wants to shoot it at school so to get permission she agrees to do an interview about the bomb blast along with Julio and Da. Julio admits how he fell in love with Irene that night and the story gets to the front page.

Julio is discovered by Oscar Romano who offers him a role in his new film. He had initially agreed to be the lead in Irene’s short film but after she got in his head about the fact that he isn’t a great actor, he messes up his audition with Romano and cuts ties with her.

Irene sends Romano an audition tape that Julio made earlier and he gets cast in the film. Julio finds out later and agrees to split his time between Romano and Irene’s film but that tires him out and he starts taking prescription pills to cope.

Fer has moved back to Madrid for a job and he starts seeing Jimena behind Irene’s back. Jimena later becomes pregnant and learns that due to a growth in her uterus, if she doesn’t have the child now, she might never have one.

Julio dives deeper into Oscar’s movie and misses Irene’s wrap party where she gets drunk and sleeps with Fer again. Jimena is pissed off and tells Julio about this, once again causing a rift between him and Irene.

Irene finds out about Jimena and Fer and says some hurtful things. Da gets a job as a writer in a big series while Julio gets more job offers after his first film is a success.

On Julio’s next big film, Irene gets a job as a production assistant and things are initially frosty between them but they eventually make up. Irene believes they’re on the right track but sees Julio sleeping with the film’s lead actress and she quits the job.

In Love All Over Again ending explained in detail:

How do Julio and Irene make peace?

Irene spends her days on the couch after quitting the filming but her advice helps Julio do much better and wraps up the film with a good reputation. He visits the flat with flowers for Jimena and she helps him find the words to apologize to Irene.

He tells her how he truly feels and the two of them get back together, proceeding to make love at every waking moment. Irene is trying to work on a new project but can’t seem to get any good ideas in her head.

It all leads up to the announcement of the Goya nominations where Julio gets nominated in the best newcomer category and celebrates a lovely night partying with Irene.

How do they drift apart again?

One night, Julio returns late at night completely hammered and he gets into an argument with Irene after misreading a comment that she made about his nomination.

She begins worrying if things are alright as they don’t spend much time together but then he invites her to go with him to the awards show. She is super excited and even gets a dress from a well-known designer to wear for the event.

However, when Julio arrives to pick her up that night, she has second thoughts and says that she doesn’t want to be some trophy girlfriend just attending the awards with her famous actor boyfriend.

He takes Adri instead and Julio and Irene stop seeing each other after that. Irene finally gets an idea and begins working on a script that she sends over to Julio.

They meet again when Jimena goes into labor and he admits to Irene how stupid he was and that he enjoyed her script. He says that he would like to spend every single moment with her as that is the only way he’ll enjoy them.

What happens in the present?

Irene directs commercials for a living while Julio has just directed his first film. He invites Irene but she doesn’t go because the film he directed is actually a story she came up with years ago but couldn’t get made.

Da is still friends with Julio while Jimena is his agent. They try to make peace between Julio and Irene after his film gets ravaged by critics and he begins to spiral downwards with drugs.

Irene wants nothing to do with Julio and instead reveals that she’s getting married to Fer. While she’s still in the city, Da meets her and tells her that Julio has been missing for a couple of days.

He had reached out to Irene and they find him at a party overdosing so they call the ambulance. Julio ends up checking into a rehab in Castellón very close to Fer and Irene’s house.

She goes there to ask him why he chose that specific place and he says it is only because it’s the best. They end up sleeping together once again and Irene says they can’t get back into the same pattern.

She goes back home and tells Fer that she’s like to get married sooner in a much smaller affair rather than the grand event they had planned. The wedding is pushed forward and Jimena brings Julio as they’re preparing with some big news.

Irene is in her wedding dress getting ready when Julio shows up and tells her that he’s signed a deal with an American company to adapt one of Irene’s favorite books and he only accepted on the condition that she gets to direct.

She now has the choice of fulfilling her lifelong dream or getting married to Fer and starting their journey on shaky terms.

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