All the Places ending explained: Do Fernando and Gabo reconcile?

All the Places or A todas partes is a Mexican film that follows two estranged siblings who embark on a road trip that could change their relationship and lives forever. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Gabriela Medina aka Gabo is midway through her speech at her father’s funeral when her brother, Fernando, finally arrives.

She is furious at her brother’s inability to even reach his own father’s funeral on time and engages in a tussle with him.

Gabo’s house still has a lot of old stuff which surprises Fernando, who left the family and moved to Singapore for a job 15 years ago.

He finds their old ping pong table and the two start playing. Gabo finally loosens up and they end up getting drunk.

They also find an old pact that they had made. The Medina siblings would be embarking on an adventure when they turn 18.

Starting at San Miguel de Allende’s historical downtown, the road trip would conclude when both of them reach Acapulco.

While Gabo is hesitant about the journey, Fernando convinces her. The two take their old bikes and leave for the journey.

At the very start, Fernando passes out and crashes his bike, prompting Gabo to tell him he’s too old to drink now.

At the hotel on the way, Fernando suggests returning to San Miguel. Gabo criticises him for attempting to leave again even though it was his idea all along.

Gabo decides to leave alone. Fernando opts to continue as well and catches up to her. Gabo finds a guy attractive and they spend the night together, while Fernando spends time with his cousin.

However, the guy turns out to be interested in bizarre tantrik sex. Fernando and the girl kiss, but she just says she was curious and isn’t interested.

Gabo and Fernando have a conversation about their father. She says that after being diagnosed with cancer, he changed as a person and was always proud of Fernando, but he doesn’t believe it.

Further in their journey, they pick up two hitchhikers. One of them suggests that the Medina siblings share a cosmic connection and find each other in times of need.

During the conversation, Gabo reveals that she tried to have children but was unable to. She later got divorced as well. Fernando was unaware of the former, but she says it wasn’t exactly something she could text him.

The two get high and Fernando says he has a son named Ricardo. Gabo remembers this after sobering up and questions him.

He reveals that his girlfriend got pregnant and wanted to keep the child while he wanted to pursue a master’s in London. They agreed for him to not meet Ricardo if he wouldn’t be a part of his life.

All the Places ending explained in detail:

Does Fernando meet Ricardo and his mother?

When Gabo asks Fernando where Ricardo and his mother are, he replies that they’re living in Mexico City. Gabo suggests he meet them since it’s on the way.

They spot Ricardo and follow him. When they see him playing football with his friends, they decide to join him.

After the match, Ricardo baits them into a fake story about an old couple. When he leaves, he gives a glance towards Fernando, hinting that he senses a connection. The siblings get into a fight when Fernando refuses to tell him that he is his father.

She calls him out for always escaping responsibility, while he criticises her for always being afraid of moving out of her comfort zone and leaving San Miguel.

After Gabo leaves, Fernando calls Ricardo’s mother. He tells her about his father’s passing and that he wanted to know more about his son.

She offers for him to meet Ricardo if he agrees to be a part of his life. When he hesitates to respond, she says goodbye and hangs up.

Do Gabo and Fernando reach Acapulco?

Gabo goes on ahead on her own. Ricardo catches up to her and apologises. They reconcile.

During lunch together, Gabo accepts that she is afraid of leaving San Miguel because she doesn’t want to fail. Because of Fernando, she was able to experience so much on the road trip.

Fernando bets their bikes in a ping pong match against two strangers, which they end up losing. When they refuse to give up the bikes, Fernando is beaten up.

Thankfully, Gabo has spare keys. They steal the bikes back and finally reach Acapulco, their final destination.

Do Gabo and Fernando change their lives for the better?

After returning to San Miguel, the two now have to go their separate ways. They keep mementoes to remember their adventure.

Later, Gabo is shown boarding a flight. When the attendant asks her where she’s headed, she says “everywhere”. She has finally shed her fear of leaving San Miguel and has started travelling the world.

Fernando, on the other hand, shows up on the doorstep of Ricardo’s house. He has also now decided to embrace the responsibility.

Ultimately, the road trip helped the siblings express their deepest insecurities and grow as individuals.

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