Ìjọ̀gbọ̀n summary and ending explained

Ìjọ̀gbọ̀n follows four teenagers whose lives take a dangerous turn when they find a bag with uncut diamonds in it. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ranti, Oby, and Jaminu are friends with the king’s son, the prince of Oyo-Oke, a small town in Nigeria. Jaminu is sick of living in a small town and wants to leave. He dreams of seeing the world and living a better life. 

Ranti’s parents are devout Christians and are going to send him to a seminary college. Ranti does not want to go, but he does not oppose his parents either. Oby’s father has passed away, and her mother is always on her case about spending time with her male friends.

One day, a man steals a pouch full of diamonds. The people he stole from follow and kill him, but they fail to find the bag that has the pouch in it. This bag is later found hidden in the bushes by Ranti, Oby, and Jaminu.

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The three children try to keep their discovery a secret, but the prince finds out about it eventually. The four of them then decide to sell four diamonds to a smuggler named Chief Owonifaari.

Chief Owonifaari tries to fool the children, but he fails. The children manage to get him to pay the price that they are demanding for the four diamonds. That day, the four friends go to a nearby town and shop to their hearts’ content.

Meanwhile, a man named Banjo Akiwowo comes to Oyo-Oke with his group, which includes a Chinese man, Ming Ho, to set up a factory. The king allows them to set up their business there, and they stay at the palace as the king’s guests.

When the children return to the town after buying expensive phones and clothes, Jaminu makes his friends keep their newly bought things and the diamond pouch at their hideout. Jaminu wants to use the diamonds to move to Canada and wants his friends to use their share for the same. 

Banjo and his group have been sent to the town by Chidera, the owner of the diamonds. Under the guise of exploring the town to find the right place for their factory, they look for the stolen diamonds worth $10 million, but to no avail.

The prince goes through their belongings and finds a gun. When he tells his friends about the same, they figure out Banjo’s purpose for coming to the village. Soon after, one of Banjo’s men sees Prince flaunting his expensive phone and kidnaps him.

Once the prince confesses that his friends have the diamonds, Ming Ho is sent to threaten the children. If they do not return the diamonds, the prince will be killed. When the children go to retrieve the diamonds from their hideout, they realize that the diamonds, along with everything that they bought, have been stolen.

Chief Owonifaari suspected that the children had more diamonds hidden somewhere, so he had sent a thug, Kasali, to find and steal them. Ranti and Jaminu accuse each other of stealing the bag and get into a fight.

Ranti goes home and finally tells his father that he does not want to be a clergyman. He then sees Kasali, who usually keeps chasing Ranti because Ranti owes him money, running away from him and comes to the conclusion that he stole the diamonds.

When the children go to Chief Owonifaari’s office to question him, Ranti cleverly reveals that Chief Owonifaari’s girlfriend has been cheating on him with Kasali to make Chief Owonifaari go after Kasali. Ranti and Oby then follow him and find Kasali.

Chief Owonifaari kills his girlfriend and Kasali when he sees them together. Oby then knocks Chief Owonifaari out and takes his gun as well as the diamonds. Oby and Ranti then go to save the prince and Jaminu, who had gone to stall the kidnappers.

As her men have not been able to find the diamonds yet, Chidera comes to town. She is determined to find her diamonds, no matter what it takes. At the same time, Chief Owonifaari also intends to get the diamonds back from the children. 

Ìjọ̀gbọ̀n ending explained in detail:

Who rescues the children?

Jaminu’s plan to stall the kidnappers goes awry. He ends up provoking the man who had come to collect the diamonds. The man eventually catches him and almost shoots him dead, but Ranti and Oby arrive there in time and shoot him with Chief Owonifaari’s gun.

Jaminu knows that the kidnappers will kill them whether they give them the diamonds or not, so he hides the diamonds with his friends. Oby is then sent to get help, while Jaminu and Ranti go to rescue the prince.

They hold the man they had shot at gunpoint and ask the kidnappers to let the prince go. However, the kidnappers do not hesitate to kill their own man and take the two boys hostage. They threaten to kill the boys if they do not reveal where the diamonds are hidden, but Jaminu does not let his friends give away the hiding place.

Meanwhile, Chief Owonifaari and his goons find Oby, who leads them to the kidnappers. Chief Owonifaari’s men kill the kidnappers and then force the children to give them the diamonds.

The children had buried the diamonds earlier and now try to find the diamonds in the dark. Mere seconds before the diamonds are found, Chief Owonifaari gets impatient and shoots the prince. 

However, just when Chief Owonifaari is about to leave with the diamonds, Ming Ho, who survived the shooting because he was wearing a bulletproof vest, comes there and rescues the children by killing Chief Owonifaari and his men.

What does Ming Ho want? 

Ming Ho lets the children keep the diamonds and takes the prince to the hospital. In exchange, he wants the children to tell the police exactly what he asks them to say. 

The children’s parents, who have been looking for them, are informed that the four teenagers have been found. The prince is unconscious in the hospital, whereas the other three are taken to the police station.

Jaminu, Ranti, and Oby tell the police that Chief Owonifaari and Banjo’s group were business partners. The prince was kidnapped because the children had found out about their illegal activities, and they wanted to silence them. 

The two groups then had a disagreement and killed each other. It was Ming Ho who came to the children’s rescue out of the kindness of his heart. This makes Ming Ho look like a hero, which will enable him to get mining contracts.

Ming Ho wants to mine diamonds, and he knows that the town has plenty to offer. He warns the children that if they tell anyone about their agreement, he will come after them. 

What do the children do with the diamonds?

Jaminu takes the diamonds from his friends, as he wants to keep them safe. However, Ranti, who is upset that Jaminu was ready to let the kidnappers kill him for the diamonds, does not want to obey him anymore. 

Ranti asks for his share, but Jaminu refuses to give him the diamonds. The two of them get into a fight again, and Oby gets the pouch. Oby is reminded of a legend of two brothers who turned against each other for treasure.

Oby realizes that the diamonds are a curse, not a blessing. Their lives have been ruined since the moment they found them. Due to this, she throws the diamonds in the river before leaving her friends.

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