Hurts Like Hell ending explained: Who is responsible?

‘Hurts Like Hell’ is a sports drama miniseries that explores the scars of the Muay Thai world, where the players exhibit the suffering caused by the real incidents of match-fixing. It is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Phat lives with his girlfriend and they are expecting a baby. They are not financially well put up but he ensures his girlfriend that he will manage. Later, he meets his friend, Roj and they both go to a boxing match.

Phat is participating in the betting game over boxing matches. He essentially challenges a big guru or high roller, Kom to allow him to play with him. Phat bribes the opponent boxer to manipulate the match.

Phat wins the game but he does not receive the payment, which causes him and high roller, Kom to fight. He fights with his girlfriend as well. Suddenly, a man who seems to be one of Kom’s people shoots him.

Kom bets on a boxer and he also, bribes the referee, Wirat to help him win the match. Wirat meets his daughter for lunch later, but they fight about his line of work. His daughter says it is the cause of their family falling apart.

The other player’s coach drugs his player who might be involved with Kom which is noticed by Wirat but he lets it go. Later, he remembers his fight with his daughter and gives a chance to the suffering boxer when he begs for it. Wirat runs for his life as if sees Phat’s body lying.

Chian, a young child boxer living in poverty, tries to make a living through boxing. His drunkard father beats both his mother and him. His coach helps him get ready for a huge match, which he wins. After knocking out his opponent, he questions whether he is on the right track.

Hurts Like Hell ending explained in detail:

Burden and atonement

The authorities admit the opponent to a hospital. He is in serious condition so doctors and other specialists may examine and diagnose him. But sadly, the boy passes away.

After that, the boy’s body reaches the Police General hospital to perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. The reason for death, according to the doctors, is brain haemorrhage.

Chian holds himself accountable for his opponent’s passing. He keeps thinking about it as he drives back home at three in the morning. He carries a heavy load with him as a result of this tragedy.

Chian and his mother think that the incident is the result of his past life karma. They visit a monk in a temple as a result. He undergoes a number of ceremonies in the monastery, including the cutting of hair. To atone for his misdeeds, Chian is dedicating his life to religion.

He spends a few days living in the temple, going about his daily work while reflecting on his actions. He says a prayer for his deceased opponent. When his mother picks him up after a few days, she praises the monk for his generosity.


Kom visits Wirat, who is currently a private taxi driver. On his break from work, he is having dinner in the cab. Kom tells him to simply drive the car go since he wants to chat and has time.

Kom enquires as to his absence from the stadium. There aren’t many people that go there to watch, Wirat responds. The majority of them are gambling on the game.

According to Kom, what counts is that money depends on the boxers, the referee, or the bet’s price. He is informed by Wirat that today, the people who are making the bets are the ones who control and manipulate the game.

Kom reminds him that if he performed the task for which he was paid, he would not need to work as a taxi driver and further threatens to demand the money back. Kom’s men beat him black and blue as he makes his way home.

Loss and suffering

Nong is a young boxer. His father talks to Pik about an upcoming event where the national team boxing scout will be present. The father, Krit, asks his son, Nong, if he wants to participate. Nong shows his interest in the event.

Later, while having dinner, Krit asks Nong whether he prefers Muay Thai or International boxing. Nong tells him that he likes Muay Thai because it is more fun and that he dreams of having his boxing camp when he grows up.

While handling some paperwork, Krit apologises to Nong while holding the photograph of Nong and his mother. He pays a visit to the boxing camp’s boss, Charan the next day.

Krit asks Charan to allow his kid to attend the event. Nong is a skilled boxer, and Charan completely agrees; yet, he claims that a boxer has already been chosen. If Krit doesn’t help Charan, he won’t be able to afford the cost of two boxers. Krit consents to make the payment.

Nong battles Chian on the day of the event. Nong passes out and loses his life.

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