Dangerous Liaisons ending explained: Does Célène forgive Tristan?

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ is a new French romantic drama film about A Parisian girl, Célène, who falls in love with a popular surfer, Tristan at her new school. It is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Célène and her father, Christophe, move from Paris to Biarritz. Tristan, a famous surfer, saves her dog and drops her off at home when she meets him along the beach. She gets invited to his pool party by him.

She meets Tao at the party, and he informs her about Vanessa, Tristan’s girlfriend, and the fame culture. Tristan accepts Vanessa’s challenge to persuade Célène to love him and later, leave her.

Tristan and Célène suggest staging a play to raise money for a fellow surfer’s surgery for the members of the council. They convince them by saying Célène’s father, Christophe, is on board as a director.

They go on a date to the movies later, but Tristan wrecks the date by kissing her. Tristan gets to know Célène’s cousin, Charlotte, forewarned her about his bets to destroy the lives of others. He assures Vanessa that Charlotte will be ruined during the party at Venessa’s place.

Tristan and Célène embrace and kiss after he takes her to the caves. On their way back, they run into her fiancé, Pierre. After ten days of ghosting Tristan, she realises that she and her fiancé are over.

The director of the play, Christophe, assigns the parts. A scene of the play is given to Célène and Tristan to rewrite. To work on the scene, she goes to Tristan’s house but after his mother barges in, they decide to work elsewhere. She goes with him to the beach.

Célène observes Tristan as he surfs. He tries to stop her, but the wave hits her instead as she goes surfing.

Dangerous Liaisons ending explained in detail:


Tristan tries to warm her up after saving her. When he confesses to her that he has been in love with her since the first time he saw her and explains to her why they stopped kissing in the cave, Célène informs him that her engagement is over.

He tells her that her relationship with Vanessa is not real and that he almost was with Charlotte. She assured him that all of this does not matter now. They kiss and make love as the night comes to an end.

She is incredibly well-known at her school now because of her Instagram account. Vanessa gets jealous of her and takes the anger out on Célène’s cousin, Charlotte instead by sending her videos to everyone in the school.

Right before the play begins, Charlotte vanishes. While audience members wait, the back of the stage is in chaos. Célène is asked by Christophe to complete Charlotte’s part in the play. Vanessa succeeds in her attempt to sabotage Célène’s wish for a successful play.


Vanessa asks Tristan to part ways with Célène as the play progresses, but he refuses. He informs her that they are finished and that she has won the challenge. Vanessa threatens Tristan by revealing that she has dirt about Célène and that if he does not comply, she will ruin her.

Tristan does as she says and leaves Célène on the stage during the play. He intentionally says hurtful things to her and leaves the stage in grief.

Outside the theatre, Tristan runs into Vanessa and tells her that he finds her disgusting. She then uploads a video to Instagram claiming that Tristan had an affair with Célène. Vanessa takes the stage’s centre to bask in the sympathy.

Tristan also uploads a video explaining the truth about their relationship to everyone. Their relationship was totally arbitrary and existed only to gain followers.

Célène tries to jump into the ocean because she could not take it anymore, but Pierre saves her. He answers that he promised to go to the play when she asks him why he came after everything went down. They discuss their relationship and how it was motivated by sympathy or influenced by a tie to a loved one.


Pierre and Célène’s conversation gets interrupted by a notification on Pierre’s phone. Tristan’s Instagram account is live. He believes to have fallen in love with Célène and tells his followers this.

He explains that Venessa planned for him the challenge of this year to be Célène. He told Célène those things on stage for her protection. As if parting ways, he declares that he will always love her.

He attempts to jump from the building, but an Instagram notification that Célène is live stops him. She asks anyone who is watching the live stream to refrain from attacking and disparaging Vanessa online. Everyone strives for fame, but love is ultimately necessary for glory to exist.

On the live video, she is seen introducing Tristan. He expresses his belief in soulmates and starts asking about her willingness to ever forget him. She jokes saying she does not as they kiss each other.

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