Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between ending explained: Do Aidan and Claire end up together?

Through an empathic lens, “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between” portrays adolescent interactions and intelligence. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot Summary

The plot revolves around two contemporary teenagers who sign a 10-month dating contract as a required first relationship and agree to split up the night before they leave for college.

High school senior Clare, a cautious person, believes she is risk-averse. She dove headfirst into her textbooks as a result of the constant moving she experienced as a child as a result of her parent’s divorce. She was determined not to let boyfriends or friendships take her attention away from earning a great future at a reputable college.

However, Clare’s perspective changes when she is dragged by her supportive best friend Stella to her first Halloween home party, where she meets Aidan. The two hit it off right once, exchanging witty repartee, flirting past throngs of classmates, and spending the evening together at a neighboring playground — a reminder to put childhood pursuits behind you.

Clare makes a foolish suggestion before parting that they date for the rest of the school year and have a clean break-up the night before she leaves for college. Aidan nods in agreement, oblivious to any potential problems that might crop up on their scheduled date.

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A quick-moving montage depicts the pair’s whirlwind courtship, with large teal title cards proclaiming each new month as the couple crosses off significant dates and exchanges their first “I love yous.” Then, as swiftly as it had begun, their romance comes to an end, with their friends and family justifiably criticizing their foolish and reversible decision to part ways.

Clare and Aidan struggle with letting go of the love of their young lives as they face their unique flaws and foibles in order to develop and mature, despite the fact that they let personal concerns lead their relationship to its planned end.

Here is a complete breakdown of the ending of the movie.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in between ending explained

Aidan’s dream-plan

In a clever distraction, Aidan’s multi-stop date will include mention of the Lakeview Theater, Lakeview Pizza, and Lakeview High School, all of which are in the town of Lakeshore. He has a plan to visit the significant locations they went to throughout their ten months of courtship, and a flashback explains why those places are crucial. 

Denying the obvious

As the lovable couple reminisces all their good times together by visiting all their Firsts together and making their last couple of days together memorable, Aidan and Clare keep denying their true feelings for each other. From having second thoughts about their breakup but also the future ahead scaring them, they try to keep their emotions intact and not let them affect their decisions about the future.

Clare decides to relieve some of the burdens by making Stella and fellow bestie Scotty accompany them for the remainder of their lovely but less private evening.

The logical decision

Their dreams are leading them in different directions, so it seems wise for them to part ways. While Aidan is in LA, Clare will be attending Dartmouth. So they departed in their separate ways

Clare finally contacts Aidan and congratulates him on his new song after not speaking to him for a few months. A text conversation ensues as a result of this. Later, Clare extends an invitation to Aidan to see him during the summer in town. In the final shot, he is seen waiting for her in the same park where their romance first started.

The movie ends with a cliffhanger as to whether Aidan and Clare have found a way around their problems or are stuck with the same issues.

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